With India moving towards the nuclear family culture, we witness an increase in small families comprising of two to four persons.

People all over India are shifting to purchasing and residing in apartments rather than large individual bungalows. These apartments have small rooms, and especially the bedrooms do not measure more than 1200 cubic feet in volume.

Under such circumstances, they don’t need to invest in large ACs with a capacity of 1.5-tons and above. A 1-ton air conditioner should suffice.

As choices are available in plenty, it has become challenging to focus on the appropriate features in a 1-ton AC. This buying guide elucidates these aspects in detail to make it simple for anyone to buy a 1-ton air conditioning appliance.

Best 1 Ton Air Conditioners in India

1. LG 1-ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – LS-Q12YNZA

LG air conditioners have always topped the popularity charts in every niche. This 1-ton AC with 4-in-1 convertible cooling delivers a masterful performance to rank as one of the best appliances in its category available in India. The dual inverter compressor saves valuable energy because of its varied speed, thus proving to be streets ahead of conventional compressors.

The 4-in-1 convertible cooling is the highlighting feature of this LG model. You can alter the functioning of the appliance, depending on your requirements. Ocean Black Fin technology provides excellent protection against dust, smoke, and chemicals while proving to be corrosion-free and displaying UV resistance.

The Super Silent Operation feature enhances the comfort angle to an entirely different level. You can experience instant cooling because of the Himalaya Cool Technology where the unit starts delivering cool air the moment you switch it on.

With this LG model, you can bid good-bye to voltage fluctuations as this unit can work in an input voltage range of 120 to 290V. The Hi-grooved copper pipes enable better heat dissipation to deliver enhanced and prolonged cooling.

The compatibility with a smartphone app helps this unit to diagnose errors and correspond with the nearest LG service center. The use of R32 refrigerant makes it an eco-friendly device.

Features like Low Gas Detection alert you of low gas levels and ensure timely maintenance.

Life indeed feels good when you enjoy the comforts of this LG air conditioner model.

2. Sanyo 1-ton 5-star inverter Split AC – SI/SO-10T5SCIC

This Sanyo model brings the best of Japanese technology right inside your bedroom with its impeccable cooling performance. All models in this series come with full inverter technology. This flexible technology allows the rotor to spin at variable speeds to suit your cooling requirements, thereby saving power in the bargain.

Asthmatic patients love this AC because the in-built PM 2.5 and anti-dust filters remove dust particles, pollen, and suspended pollutants to provide fresh and pure air to breathe. This appliance also takes care of environmental pollution by using high-quality refrigerants like R32.

The Glacier Mode enables quick cooling to provide excellent relief in the hot summer months. You save ample power as the Eco Function consumes less energy, thereby boosting its ISEER. The Sleep Function adjusts the room temperature automatically to ensure a peaceful sleep for your entire family.

This AC features 100% copper coils for the condenser and evaporator pipes, thereby ensuring quicker heat transfer. The hydrophilic fins provide the highest levels of protection from corrosion and rust to extend the unit’s lifespan.

Other excellent features that make this Sanyo appliance the favorite of homemakers is the backlit remote, hidden temperature display, and a timer function that adds to the convenience and comfort factor.

Sanyo offers excellent after-sales customer service to win the hearts of its customers.

3. Daikin 1-ton 4-star Inverter Split AC – FTKP35TV

Daikin 1-ton ACs come with excellent features to provide high-quality cooling while consuming less power. One of the highlights of this appliance is the Coanda Airflow Mode that ensures uniform distribution of cool air to every corner of your room.

This air conditioner is excellent on your pocket as the Econo Mode limits the maximum power consumption by enabling efficient operation when you use multiple electrical appliances on a shared circuit.

The Neo Swing Inverter Compressor ensure quiet and efficient operation as it decreases the vibration and friction while preventing the leakage of refrigerant gas at the same time. The R32 refrigerant used in this AC has zero ozone depletion potential. Thus, it protects the environment by restricting the emission of greenhouse gases.

You can forget about voltage fluctuations as the inbuilt stabilizer takes care of it and protects the appliance from damage. The Auto Error detection feature detects troublesome issues and displays a related code to enable the technician to diagnose the problems quickly and take remedial action.

Your family will love this AC because the sleep timer allows you to adjust the room temperature as per your comfort. The Smell Proof Operation feature removes the foul odor caused by moisture accumulation to provide pure and fresh-smelling air to breathe.

The secret behind the robust performance of this Daikin air conditioner is the 100% copper condenser and evaporator pipes that enable quick and efficient heat transfer.

Daikin ACs are the one to go for if you want lasting freshness and excellent cooling year after year.

4. Whirlpool 1-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC – MAGICOOL PRO 5S

Places in Rajasthan experience temperatures as high as nearly 48 to 50 degrees Celsius during the summer months. The Whirlpool MAGICOOL PRO 5S can work even under these extreme conditions and provide the much-needed comfort to its consumers.

You do not have to wait for the AC to warm up to provide you instant cooling. The 6th sense FastCool technology provides instant and uniform cooling the moment you switch it on. Simultaneously, the Intellisense Inverter technology adapts to your cooling requirements and reduces electricity consumption considerably.

Whirlpool air conditioners use a revolutionary technology, Multi-Port Fluid Injection (MPFi) to enable rapid heat exchange and deliver enhanced cooling while saving power.

The Whirlpool MAGICOOL PRO 5S model emits fewer greenhouse gases because of the use of R32 refrigerant, an eco-friendly coolant that also consumes less volume to operate.

This AC saves you money because the stabilizer-free operation does not require you to invest in a separate voltage stabilizer. This device can work under extreme voltage fluctuations in the 145 to 290V input voltage range.

The Self-diagnosis feature is helpful because it diagnoses the errors and enables you to report to the authorized Whirlpool service center.

Another exciting highlight is the Sleep Function that enables the setting of specific timers to allow the AC to adjust the temperature automatically.

5. Sanyo 1-Ton 3-star Inverter Split AC – SI/SO-10T3SCIC

This Sanyo model is similar to the one reviewed earlier except for its 3-star rating. All models in the SI/SO series come equipped with full inverter technology and various exciting features to satisfy your cooling needs. The best aspect of Sanyo air conditioning units is that they are manufactured using Japanese technology but with Indian climatic conditions in mind.

Each of your family members might have their preferences. These inverter ACs vary the rotor speeds, depending on the situation to deliver excellent performances and save energy. The Glacier Mode enables the fans to work at 30% higher pace to provide instant cooling when you need it the most.

The Sleep Function offers you the facility to set timers and regulate the AC temperature as your family sleeps undisturbed throughout the night. The inbuilt air filters remove dust and PM 2.5 pollutants to deliver clean and fresh air.

Troubleshooting is never an issue with this appliance as the self-diagnosis feature detects and displays the errors to enable easy maintenance. The Auto Restart facility proves handy as you do not have to reset the temperature settings after a power cut. The Eco function on the Sanyo remote optimizes performance for energy-efficient operations.

People living in coastal areas benefit from the use of this model because the hydrophilic fins offer superior protection from salt and rust damage. The copper condenser coils enable quick heat transfer to ensure faster cooling.

Other excellent features include the use of R32 refrigerant and a backlit remote for controlling the temperature options. If you are scouting for an energy-efficient AC, you have come to the right place.

6. Panasonic 1-ton 3-Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC – CS/CU-SU12WKYW

Each AC brand model has its USP. The Panasonic models are different from the rest because they work with a dedicated AI platform to offer intelligent solutions such as diagnosing issues in advance to maximize the productivity levels and increase the device’s lifespan.

The MirAIe platform connects and allows access to all Panasonic air conditioners at a single place, thereby enabling easy control. You can use your smartphone to activate the different modes and use the pre-set temperature profiles through the night for enhanced comfort. Besides, this unit is also compatible with Alexa, whereby you use your voice to operate and control the AC.

Another benefit of this platform is that you can raise service requests and check its status automatically. This air conditioner can work with different modes like Powerful Mode, where the higher fan speed ensures quicker cooling. The Dry Mode uses the dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air and enhance comfort levels during the monsoon.

Shield Blu anti-corrosion Blue Fin technology prevents the pipes and other components from corrosion. The use of 100% of copper pipes allows for faster heat transfer, thereby resulting in a better performance. You need not fret over voltage disruptions as the unit can work comfortably on the input voltage range of 145 to 284V.

The presence of the PM 2.5 air filter brings a smile to the face of older people in the house as this unit guarantees fresh air. The Catechin filter deactivates 90% of bacteria trapped in the air to deliver the highest quality of hygiene. The PM 2.5 filter takes care of airborne dust particles to offer pure air to breathe. It is an eco-friendly device as the R32 refrigerant ensures zero ozone depletion.

7. Haier 1-ton 3-star Split AC HSU12T-TFW3B

Haier is a reputed international model that has revolutionized air conditioners by offering smartness, style, and savings in a compact package. The external temperature is not an issue for these units as they provide instant cooling even if the weather outside is as high as an impossible 54 degrees Celsius.

The Smart Filtration system uses a unique, advanced, and innovative mechanism to remove airborne pollutants, allergens, and bacteria while allowing you to enjoy cool and comfortable air.

The advanced motor with an optimized air duct and fan ensures long-distance air-throw to enable the entire room to cool down quickly. The Instant Chill Mode is the most preferred one as activating this Turbo operation offers cold air within a minute of switching on the appliance.

Your family will appreciate the noiseless operations of this AC despite it possessing one of the most powerful motors. Thus, nights become more pleasant than ever when you have this unit in your bedroom.

The hydrophilic aluminum blue and golden aluminum fin offer the maximum corrosion resistance, thereby ensuring long-lasting performance for the evaporator and the condenser. Controlling this AC is child’s play because of the easy remote-control function that features an LCD.

Thus, the Haier device is an excellent combination of power, style, and grace. It can serve as a perfect adornment in your home.

8. Blue Star 1-Ton 3-Star Split AC – FS312AATU

Blue Star is a reputed Indian AC manufacture loved by all because of its proven capacity to be the most reliable companion during the summer months. The Turbo Cool feature delivers cool air within no time, even when the temperatures are searing outside.

The 2-way auto swing function features a motorized horizontal and a non-motorized vertical motion to ensure uniform cooling across the room through Omni-directional air blowing.

The innovative Fuzzy Logic feature provides you with the maximum comfort when you need it the most at night as you enjoy an undisturbed sleeping experience. This unit makes as little noise as possible that you start wondering whether it is present in the room or not. I-Feel technology adds to the comfort as the inbuilt sensor ensures excellent comfort around you.

Diagnosing faults with the appliance is easy as the Smart Detect technology displays the error code to enable proper maintenance and protect the AC from damage. This Haier model is amongst the most durable as the anti-corrosive golden fins protect the evaporator coils from rust and damage.

This machine comes with an Auto-Restart memory option, whereby it remembers and starts functioning with the same settings after the restoration of power. Another excellent aspect of this appliance is the Self-Clean technology that prevents the accumulation of moisture, mold, or dust within the indoor unit.

Buying Guide For 1 Ton ACs – Important Points That Merit Consideration

Nowadays, not many people purchase window ACs as inverter split ACs are available in plenty. One of the prime advantages of a split air conditioner over the window-mounted unit is that the former saves considerable energy over its lifespan. Therefore, the split air conditioners might be initially expensive, but they are economical in the long run.

Let us go through some tips to help you finalize your 1-ton AC.


As you have already decided on the tonnage, we do not discuss this aspect much in detail.

However, the uninitiated will benefit from this discussion as we define the term and explain it in brief. Tonnage is nothing but the cooling capacity of the system.

One ton signifies the amount of heat required to melt one ton of ice in 24 hours.

Therefore, the ability to remove this amount of heat in 24 hours represents the tonnage capacity of the air conditioner.

The ideal tonnage for your AC depends on various factors.

The area and volume of the room is a crucial aspect. Generally, rooms with less than 13 square feet area or around 1300 to 1400 cubic feet volume require a 1-ton AC. If your room has a higher figure, it is advisable to go for higher tonnage.

You should also check out whether the walls and windows of the room face the sun, especially the west direction. Accordingly, it affects the tonnage. Similarly, if there is no floor above your room, the ceiling is exposed to the sun directly. It affects your appliance’s cooling performance.

The number of family members in the room has a direct bearing on the AC capacity. If your room has a lot of furniture, you might need an air conditioner with a higher power. Similarly, multiple electrical devices in the room affect the device’s capacity.

Generally, the bedrooms in Indian apartments today have an area of around 130 square feet. A 1-ton AC should suffice.


Energy efficiency is a critical aspect of any electrical/electronic appliance. The electricity costs are rising in almost every Indian city. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for devices that save you the maximum power. At the same time, the performance should be of the highest quality.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency makes it simple for you by standardizing the energy efficiency factor of ACs. Every manufacturer must display the BEE star rating prominently on the device.

The thumb rule says that the higher the rating, the more efficient is the machine. By this yardstick, a 5-star rating is better than a 3-star.

The 5-star rated appliances are initially more expensive than the 3-star rated devices. However, you end up saving more power over the machine’s lifespan. Thus, you end up with a better deal overall.


Nowadays, window ACs have become rare. People prefer to go for split ACs. These appliances feature two types of compressors, the conventional one and the inverter compressor.

The difference is that the inverter compressor works at varying speeds, depending on your cooling requirements.

The conventional compressor works at a single pace. Hence, they switch off on attaining the set temperature. They switch on again when the temperature falls below the minimum threshold. Therefore, the conventional compressors consume more energy.

The inverter compressors are more energy-efficient than conventional motors. Today, you have ACs with dual inverter compressors. You also get rotary and reciprocator compressors, whereby you have a wide range to choose from.

Performing Modes

The advanced technology available in the AC manufacturing industry enables these appliances to perform in different modes. However, each manufacture uses a specific term to indicate particular modes.

The Default mode is common to all devices. The Cool mode provides instant cooling and relief during hot summer days. It works by increasing the fan speed by around 30% to 35%. However, this mode consumes more power.

The Sleep Mode is also common in almost all 1-ton appliances. This mode allows you to set a timer to control the AC operation. It provides relief during the nights as you do not have to wake up to switch the air conditioner on or off.

Some models feature a unique facility where the temperature increases by 1-degree Celsius every hour for two hours. Subsequently, it maintains the temperature throughout the night.

Some of the models feature a Dry Mode that proves helpful in the monsoon season. This mode uses a dehumidifier to dry out the moisture and thereby provide comfort to the user.

Air Purifier

Air conditioners function by eliminating the heat from inside the room and circulating cool air. As the same air keeps circulating in the room, it can get polluted. The modern-day appliances feature air purifiers that remove pollutants and improves the quality of the air inside the rooms.

Some models feature different types of filters like Catechin filter and PM 2.5 filter to eliminate bacteria and minute dust particles like pollen, animal dander, etc.

Such machines are handy when you have older adults with asthmatic issues and children in the home. They get pure and fresh air to breathe. Some of the latest appliances feature mosquito repellants. If you reside in a mosquito-infested place, this feature can prove handy.

Protection Features

Your AC works as the refrigerant flows through the condenser and evaporator coils.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain the condition of these coils to ensure the appliance’s longevity. Air conditioners come equipped with either copper or aluminum pipes. These metals are the best when it comes to resisting corrosion.

As an added protection feature, manufacturers paint these coils with anti-corrosion ingredients. Hence, you have Blue Fin and Golden Fin technology that protect these pipes from corrosion.

Individual manufacturers give different names like Shield Blu, Golden Fin, Blue Fin, etc. This protection is essential, especially if you live in coastal areas where there are salt and humidity in the air.

Air conditioners today come equipped with protective capacitors that provide fire safety to the machine in the event of disconnection or a short circuit.


The common refrigerant found in almost all ACs today is R32 refrigerant. It is an eco-friendly coolant with zero ozone depletion potential. Besides R32 consumes less volume. Hence, it is more efficient than some of the other coolants available on the market.

Let us understand the refrigerant’s role that forms the bedrock of the AC’s functioning.

At the outset, the refrigerant is a gas. The compressor compresses the gas at high pressure and converts it into a high-pressure liquid. Due to extreme compression, the liquid becomes hot.

This liquid passes through the condenser pipes to become cool. The expansion valve converts the cool liquid at high pressure to liquid at low pressure. This liquid now flows through the evaporator coils and absorbs the heat from the room to make it cool. The fans play a crucial role in maintaining the temperature.

The absorbed heat converts the cool liquid into a gas again. The process repeats continuously.

Hence, the pipes mustn’t have any leakages. Over continuous usage, the refrigerant gets depleted. You should refill the gas and thus keep the AC working. Some of the latest models feature sensors that detect low gas levels and indicate accordingly.

Stabilizer Functions

In the past, you needed connecting the ACs through a voltage stabilizer, also known as Step-up/Step-down stabilizer or Booster, to take care of voltage fluctuations.

Today, the latest models can work on an extensive input voltage range from 140V to 290V. Therefore, you do not have to invest in a separate stabilizer. You should check out this feature before you finalize the deal.

Auto Restart Features

The Auto-Restart feature is a useful function. On the restoration of power supply, it enables the appliance to restart from where it left off at the time of a power cut. Thus, you do not have to wake up at odd hours in the night to reset the temperature.

Auto Cleaning Features

The Auto Cleaning feature ensures to clean the condenser and evaporator pipes after every use. The AC keeps running for a few minutes after you shut it off. It enables the machine to clean the pipes and thereby, ensure fresh and pure air the next time you switch on the unit.


Almost all AC manufacturers offer a warranty on the machines. The technician cleans the device free of charge. You can opt for an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) after the warranty expires.

Simple Tips to take care of your AC

An air conditioner is a good investment. Taking proper care of the appliance can help it serve you longer.

Choose your AC with the right capacity. A smaller AC will not cool your room adequately. A larger AC can consume more power and make it uncomfortable with excessive cooling.

As far as possible, go for a 5-star rated appliance.

Use the appliance only when it is necessary. If there is no one in the room, you can better switch it off.

Use your AC at temperatures in the range of 22 to 24 degrees Celsius. Anything lower than 20 degrees can be uncomfortably cold and will consume more power, as well.

You can run the fan at low to medium speeds when using an AC. It helps in circulating the air better. Otherwise, the hot air in the room tends to move towards the ceiling. If you run the fan after switching off the AC, you could experience a blast of hot air.

Clean the filters at regular intervals. It does not require any technical qualifications to do so.

Service your AC regularly by calling the authorized mechanic. It is better to enter into an annual maintenance contract with a reputed service center.

Check the refrigerant levels and pressure. If there is any depletion, you should refill immediately.

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