When I was in school, I watched WWF (now it is WWE) a lot. The incredible fitness displayed by the athletes amazed me considerably.

I used to wonder as to what made them have these chiseled bodies. Of course, exercise had to play a significant role in developing such bodies. The diet also played a crucial part in helping them maintain their fitness.

When we talk of diet, we refer to the oil-free and fat-free foods they consume. It made me wonder whether I could consume my favorite potato chips using less oil. It can surprise you that it is perfectly possible to do so using an air fryer.

We shall discuss what an air fryer is and how to purchase the best one for our kitchens. Meanwhile, here is a list of the best air fryers available on India’s online market today.

1. Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer – Rapid Air Technology

The Philips HD9218 works on Rapid Air Technology to fry your favorite food like potato chips, etc., using as little oil as possible. At times, you do not even have to add oil. The exciting aspect of this frying exercise is that the food remains tender inside and crispy on the exteriors.

This technology allows you to grill, bake, and even roast your favorite dishes with as much as 90% less fat. Thus, your home could become the most preferred joint for your friends to get their daily pickings of aloo tikkis, roast chicken, grilled vegetables, chocolate cakes, and much more.

This wonderful kitchen companion comes with unique timer settings with auto-off provision to prevent the food from becoming overcooked. Temperature control options are also available, whereby you can control it up to 200 degrees Celsius.

As it comes with a 1.8m retractable cord, this kitchen aid is portable, and you can place it anywhere you need. Another excellent quality is that it is easy to clean, and the machine emits less smell than other normal fryers.

It should prove to be a flexible kitchen companion to adorn your kitchen in many ways.

2. Havells Profile Grande Air Fryer with Aero Crisp Technology

Havells Profile Grande Air Fryer works on a unique Aero Crisp Technology that allows 360-degree air circulation to fry your food using as much as 85% less oil than normal frying. Thus, it proves its worth as an essential piece of equipment in your kitchen. This technology retains maximum moisture inside and cooks food evenly with better crisping from outside.

This kitchen companion allows you to fry, bake, and even roast your samosas, hash browns, French fries, cakes, and cookies without using any oil at all. The patented Food basket is detachable and hence, convenient to clean.

The ten preset options allow you to enjoy a variety of delicious food like shrimps, chicken, fish, paneer, parathas, cutlets, sandwiches, and many more. The digital touch control panel is one of the easiest to operate.

This air fryer comes with a timer function to enable you to set the ideal timings for different menus. The temperature control option allows you the flexibility to select from a range of temperature options up to 200 degrees Celsius. The Auto Shut-off feature prevents the food from getting burnt or overcooked.

3. Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light

Inalsa Air Fryer allows you to fry your favorite foods without having to dunk them into the oil. It uses a special technique, Rapid Air technology, to circulate hot air inside the system in a 360-degree cycle to cook your snacks and meals in a single appliance without using oil.

This cooking system allows you to do much more than fry your food as you can roast chicken wings, bake your cheese pizzas, prepare pork chops, and also doughnuts and meatballs.

The Adjustable thermostat and the timer selection make this appliance a smart one. It enables you to maintain the perfect and consistent temperature throughout the cooking cycle. The rotary knobs are any day better than the touchscreen options as you can operate the knobs with your fingers even if they are wet.

This machine is one of the most convenient to use as it features a Quick Release Button to detach the basket from the appliance for quick serving and easy cleaning.

This Inalsa model is a safe one as it switches off automatically on removing the basket. Besides, the overheat protection feature protects the machine against overloads. It is also dishwasher safe. Hence, cleaning the machine is never an issue.

4. Kenstar Aster Digi 1500W Oxy Fryer

Kenstar, a reputed manufacturer of home appliances, offers an exciting product in the Aster Digi 1500W Oxy Fryer. This appliance can perform multiple activities like roasting, baking, and frying your favorite food items using the minimum amount of oil. Hence, it is excellent for your health.

The USP of this air frying appliance is the ease of its operation. It comes with user-friendly digital control options that make it easy for a child to operate this machine. The seven preset menus enhance the convenience factor further. Besides, you also get a free recipe booklet with 100 lip-smacking recipes to try out at leisure.

The timer function allows you to set timings for your cooking. The 30-minute timer prevents the food from getting overcooked or burnt. This cooking appliance can work within a wide temperature range up to 200 degrees Celsius. Thus, you can prepare both vegetarian and non-veg snacks using this kitchen companion.

The non-stick coating food basket is a unique aspect of this appliance. It ensures that the food does not stick to its sides, making it convenient to clean it after use every time.

5. Havells Air Oven Digi – Combo of Over toaster, air fryer, and dehydrator

Havells can be credited with the distinction of introducing the first Aero Crisp technology air fryer, an excellent appliance for health-conscious people. This kitchen companion lets you cook both vegetarian and non-veg food with equal ease. The best aspect of this device is that it uses as little oil as possible and cook food evenly without compromising its taste.

The rapid air circulation in all directions ensures that the food remains crispy on the exterior while retaining the moisture inside to keep it deliciously soft. As you use less oil, this appliance is ideal for healthier cooking.

This kitchen appliance is a combination of three separate devices. Besides frying food using less oil, it also acts as an oven toaster. The 2.6L size rotation drum allows you to bake cakes easily. It is one of the largest air fryers around with a 4.6L non-stick rectangular-shaped basket.

The LED display with a digital touch control panel adds to the convenience factor. Other excellent features include toughened glass, a cool-touch handle, and an auto shut-off feature.

This multi-utility kitchen companion is an indispensable part of every Indian kitchen.

6. Koryo 2.6L Air Fryer – KHF4420

Every homemaker would love to have the Koryo air fryer, KHF4420, as it enables them to prepare the tastiest snacks for their children using 80% less oil, thereby ensuring their good health. Preparing delicious foods like Pizzas, roasted almonds, paneer tikka, and samosas is child’s play using this unique kitchen appliance.

The eight preset menus make the homemaker’s task that much easier. The high-speed air circulation ensures maintaining the temperature between 80 and 200 degrees Celsius to allow for comfortable frying and roasting using hot air.

The digital display and touch controls add to the comfort factor. Features like timer control, auto shut-off, indicator light, and basket release button make it one of the most sophisticated kitchen aids available to the Indian homemaker.

This kitchen aid comes with additional accessories in silicone cupcake molds to enable you to bake cakes with ease. The pizza pan and bake pan provided with this appliance enhances the convenience quotient.

Another excellent feature of this air fryer is the ease of cleaning the basket and its other components. This compact device has gained the distinction of providing value to the Indian kitchen over time.

7. Philips HD9216/43 Air Fryer

This Philips air fryer debunks the general notion that frying foods require you to use copious amounts of oil. This innovative kitchen aid brings out the best of rapid air technology to fry, bake, and grill your food using 90% less oil and fat. Thus, your foods turn out healthier, and you end up becoming leaner and fitter than ever before.

The uniform circulation of air throughout the appliance results in making the external portion of your fried foods crispier. However, it also ensures optimum moisture retention to maintain the tenderness inside to enable the food to taste yummier.

The timer function that allows you to adjust the time required for frying your food ensures that food does not become overheated. You can also control the temperature manually and set it anywhere between 80 and 200 degrees.

With this Philips air fryer, you do not worry about odor as it emits less smell than other fryers available on the market. Cleaning this device is also easy as it features a removable basket.

No Indian kitchen should consider itself complete without this Philips air fryer adorning its shelves and providing healthy, hygienic food to the family.

Buying Guide – Air Fryers

We have discussed excellent air fryers available on the Indian market. It brings us to the question as to how you can fry foods without using oil.

The working of the air fryer explains it all. We shall discuss these factors and understand their advantages. Further, we shall touch upon the aspects to consider when investing in an air fryer in our comprehensive but simple buying guide.

What is Air Fryer?

In simple terms, the air fryer is a multi-utility kitchen appliance capable of frying, baking, and grilling food items using as little oil as possible. Instead, it uses hot air to prepare delicious and healthy fried food.

Benefits of Using an air fryer

This excellent kitchen companion has multiple benefits, like providing excellent nutrition value while making the food healthier.

These appliances are user-friendly and efficient as it enables fast and perfect cooking as saves up to 90% of oil.

Besides being easy to operate, it is convenient to clean these machines. Some models are dishwasher safe, as well.

On the budget front, these models are available at reasonable prices at the store or even online.

How does an air fryer work?

Instead of using oil to fry your food, the air fryer uses hot air and works on the convection principle. The appliance features a fast-spinning fan to distribute hot air consistently at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius in all directions to provide a uniform cooking experience.

It employs a chemical reaction to make the exterior portion of your food crispier while retaining the moisture to keep the interiors soft and delicious.

These machines use rapid air technology to fry your food and as little oil as possible. The technology works on the following principles.

There is a transfer of heat with high intensity.

The equal distribution of hot air ensures uniform cooking.

Hot air ensures easy penetration of heat through thick food particles.

Besides frying, these appliances can roast, bake, and grill your food.

How to use air fryer?

Before you decide on purchasing an air fryer, you should be acquainted with the procedure of using the appliance properly. The following tips help in this regard.

The appliance contains a basket where the frying activity takes place. Small foods like French fries and potato chips can compress under the heat. Therefore, it is advisable to open the fryer every 10 minutes or so and shake the food ingredients around. It enables uniform frying.

It is not good to overload the machine as the hot air needs sufficient space to circulate.

Though the machine can work without using oil, it is always better to spray your food with a small quantity of oil to ensure that food does not stick to the basket’s base.

Patting the food dry before cooking it in the machine is advisable. It helps to keep the food dry and tasty.

Different types of air fryers

Generally, six types of air fryers are available on the market. Each machine has its features, pros, and cons. However, the working principle is almost the same.

Paddle Type Air Fryer

These multipurpose appliances allow you to fry, grill, and roast food while enabling you to prepare liquid food like curries. These machines feature a rotating paddle that turns the food at regular intervals to ensure uniform cooking.

While being simple to use, these appliances are expensive than basket air fryers. These models use little or no oil at all, thereby ensuring the health factor.

Basket Type Air Fryer

Compared to other similar appliances, they come with a longer lifespan. You need to add a minimum of a teaspoon of oil to fry your foods to ensure that the food does not stick to the basket.

They are excellent for preparing fried food because they are gentler with the coating. The drawback is that this machine cannot prepare liquid food like the paddle type models.

Manual Mode Air Fryer

The working principle is the same, but these machines come with a manual operational mode. These appliances feature timers and temperature control options that can be set using a knob.

Digital Mode Air Fryer

These devices come with digital controls for setting timers and temperature controls. Such appliances come with LED displays that allow you to view the controls digitally. These models are comparatively expensive and consume more space than the manual mode air fryers.

Compact Air Fryer

The compact air frying appliances should be ideal for individuals or a maximum of two people. The basket size indicates the unit’s capacity. The benefit is that they occupy less space in the kitchen, but they do not feature digital controls.

High-capacity Air Fryer

These spacious cooking appliances are ideal for preparing large quantities of food like chicken, pizzas, and turkeys. Such devices feature multiple levels for placing food separately while cooking. Some models come with an inbuilt oven toaster and dehydrator.

These machines are difficult to clean. While they consume more kitchen space, they are also comparatively expensive.

Factors to consider when purchasing an air fryer

These factors should be your focus when you venture to purchase an air fryer.


The appliance’s capacity depends on the amount of food you want to fry in it. Accordingly, family size plays a critical role in deciding the machine’s capacity. A small family of four to five people needs a 2L to 2.5L capacity fryer. A family of seven to eight persons can purchase an appliance with a capacity of 3L to 6L.

Power Consumption

Generally, air fryers consume around 800W to 1500W power, depending on their capacity. The larger models consume up to 1800W. The higher the temperature, the more is the power consumption. A 1500W appliance consumes around one unit per day.

Time Consumption

Typically, an air frying appliance will not consume more than 15 to 30 minutes to cook your food. However, if your demands are higher, you can set up timers for up to 60 minutes. If the appliance runs for around half an hour a day, the machine will not consume more than half an electricity unit.

Temperature Control

Air fryers come with temperature control settings that enable you to set temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. The higher the temperature, the quicker is the cooking. Some models, especially the high-capacity air fryers, enable temperature settings up to as high as 400 degrees Celsius.

The high-end appliances feature indicator lights and an integrated timer to enhance the appliance’s overall efficiency.


The air fryer’s basket can become hot. Hence, you should ensure that your appliance features a cool-touch hand grip. The machine should also have non-slip feet as otherwise it can slip off and spill the food. Besides, the device should feature a locking lid to maintain the food in its place.

Almost all air fryers feature an auto shut-off feature to prevent overheating of the food.

Foods you can comfortably cook in an air fryer.

These appliances prove to be excellent kitchen companions that allow you to prepare multiple foods using as little oil as possible. At times, it does not need any oil, as well. Therefore, it takes care of the health quotient. You can prepare the following foods conveniently using an air fryer.

Meat dishes – Chicken, beef, pork, and other fried and grilled forms of non-vegetarian food can be prepared comfortably using these machines.

Vegetables – Steamed and roasted vegetables like potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and cabbage come out excellent using air fryers.

Frozen Food – Fifteen minutes should be sufficient to defrost and prepare frozen food like nuggets, fish, and other items.

Baked Food – This kitchen aid can prove to be excellent for baking pizzas, cakes, custards, bread, and lasagna. However, your appliance should have a separate baking dish for you to do so.

Roasted nuts – This device is ideal for roasting nuts like peanuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts. Despite not using oil, these roasted nuts come out crunchy within fifteen minutes.

Chips – You do not have to fry your potato and banana chips in oil anymore when you purchase the air fryer. A standard device allows you to fry up to 500g of these chips with ease.

Why should you buy an air fryer?

These appliances use the convection principle for cooking food, where it circulates hot air inside the appliance to cook the food uniformly without using much oil. The following reasons explain why it is advisable to have this kitchen companion in your home.

It ensures uniform cooking without using oil or grease. Hence, you do not contend with oily odor. Besides, there is no mess left for you to clean up. As your basket has a non-stick surface, it becomes easy to rinse and clean it.

Compared to a microwave oven, this appliance uses a fraction of heat. It takes around ten to fifteen minutes to cook frozen fish without needing to pre-heat it.

Though the basket becomes hot, it is easy to remove it because of the presence of a cold-touch handle. You do not have to use protective gloves as you use in an oven.

Compared to other cooking appliances, these air fryers consume less electricity.

You save time and energy when using these appliances. Thus, these machines should form an integral aspect of your kitchen.

Precautions to take when using an air fryer

It is better to be aware of the precautions to take when using such appliances.

These machines use hot air for circulation inside them. Hence, there should be sufficient space. Therefore, you should not overfill the appliance with food as it affects free circulation.

One should not fill the basket with liquids like oil or water. It can lead to overheating and unnecessary accidents. If you want to use oil, it is advisable to mix the oil with the food ingredients before putting them inside the basket.

It is not a good idea to place the fryer on a stove or a gas cooking range.

One can remove the basket halfway through the cooking process to stir or shake the food ingredients. It prevents the burning of the food.

It is not advisable to use these appliances for extended periods.

Unplugging the unit from the power source when not in use prevents damage to the machine from unexpected events like a short circuit, lightning, and voltage fluctuations.

How to clean an air fryer?

Cleaning an air fryer is not a messy affair. Using such an appliance entails that you have fewer greasy pots and pans to contend with. These steps can help you clean an air fryer comfortably.

Unplug the device from the power source after use and allow it to cool down sufficiently.

A damp cloth should be enough to wipe the exteriors.

The machine comes with a removable basket and baking pan. You should take them out and wash them with hot water and dishwashing soap. Some models feature pans and baskets that are safe for use in a dishwasher.

Use the damp cloth to wipe the interiors of the machine carefully.

Food can get stuck to the heating element. It is better to use a brush to remove the food gently without damaging the heating element.

One should ensure to pack the parts back into the appliance after they dry out completely.

Final thoughts

Now, you agree that you can prepare your potato chips without using oil. It makes you healthy and feels fighting fit. I now understand how these WWE fighters maintain their diets.

They would surely be having this appliance in the kitchen. With due respect to their exercising routines and fitness programs, these appliances also play a significant role in keeping them fit to entertain us on the stage.

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