You get up one morning and switch on your gas cooking range to heat the milk for your first cuppa coffee, and you find that there is no gas in the cylinder. Besides, you do not have a replacement cylinder ready for use.

It is a common situation in almost every home. An induction cooktop would have proved handy to have under such circumstances.


The younger generation today is smart. You have such backup in almost all homes, maybe out of compulsion and experience of having seen their mothers going through such situations in life. However, it is an excellent investment in its own right.

This article dwells on the factors you have to consider when buying an induction cooktop. Meanwhile, here are some excellent induction cooktop models available in India.

1. Philips Viva Collection HD4921/01 2100W Induction Cooktop

Philips HD4928/01 is a compact induction cooktop perfectly suited for smart modular kitchens. The best part of this appliance is that it does not require any installation procedure. You can plug in the device and start using it straight away.

The electromagnetic induction technology ensures excellent efficiency and cooks faster than a gas stove. Besides, it seals the nutritional value of the food and prevents vitamin loss.

This kitchen appliance is ideal for the Indian kitchen as it comes programmed to suit Indian cooking requirements. It features a set of easy-to-use touch-buttons for its operation. A single touch is sufficient to start the device.

You can set timers for up to three hours, depending on the food you propose to cook. This induction cooktop consumes up to 2100W of power and cooks quickly.

The 1.2m cord makes it convenient for you to connect to the nearest power source. Another exciting aspect is the cool-to-touch surface that helps cook food safely. This RoHS compliant cooktop features an auto-off program to prevent the food from getting overcooked.

You can cook various dishes using the preset menus. Thus, it proves its worth as an ideal kitchen companion for the homemaker.

2. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800W Induction Cooktop

The Pigeon Cruise Induction cooktop is a familiar model found in many Indian homes. Besides being easily portable, this appliance displays a high heating efficiency because it features a bigger heating element.

This trendy cooktop has a microcrystal plate and occupies less kitchen table space.

This device features a 7-segments LED display to help select your favorite menus for hassle-free cooking. The feather touch buttons enhance the convenience factor further. The unique automatic shut-off feature allows you to set the timer to ensure perfect cooking.

The multi-utility kitchen appliance operates on the electromagnetic induction principle and comes equipped with dual heat sensor technology to save energy and display a longer lifespan.

The high-grade electrical circuit protects the appliance from avoidable accidents like short circuits. The superior-top plate can withstand high temperatures and thus, contributes to the durability aspect.

The 1.2-meter cord length allows you the flexibility to use the machine anywhere in your kitchen. The cool touch surface allows convenient handling even during use.

This induction cooktop, designed for faster and safer cooking, is one of the must-have appliances in your kitchen.

3. Prestige PIC 20 1200W Induction Cooktop with Push button

You can rely on Prestige to develop a compact design and an exceptional performance on their PIC 20 induction cooktop model. This kitchen appliance comes with excellent features like Power Saver technology and Automatic Keep Warm functions.

The anti-magnetic wall, soft-touch buttons, and durability make cooking a pleasurable experience. The induction cooktop monitors the vessel’s temperature and adjusts the power levels accordingly to deliver high-performance levels while saving energy.

It features a set of preset Indian cooking menus to make it comfortable for you. The anti-magnetic walls ensure that the black glass panel heats up only at the center and leaves the rest of the surface cool. It also helps block surplus magnetic radiation’s influence on the surroundings to enhance the efficiency quotient.

The full procedure computer control adjusts the power and temperature levels, depending on the vessel’s size, to cook efficiently.

It is also one of the safest kitchen appliances as the automatic voltage regulator takes care of the voltage fluctuations and ensures the appliance’s durability factor.

The flat/smooth surface allows you to clean the appliance. The soft-touch buttons are the most comfortable to use. Besides, they prevent water from entering into the appliance. The preset timer makes it convenient to cook your food without overheating.

4. Lifelong Inferno VX LLIC 10 2000W Induction Cooktop

If you are looking for full value on your investment, the Lifelong Inferno VX LLIC-10 Induction cooktop is worth every rupee you spend on it. It proves to be the perfect addition to your kitchen as it delivers excellent performances while saving power.

The 7-preset menus allow you to try out everything possible in an Indian kitchen. The pan sensor technology ensures to use as little power as needed to deliver an excellent cooking experience.

The LED displays enhance the ease of operations, while the tactile switches are reliable and durable. With this induction cooktop cooking your favorite meals within no time, you save a lot of energy.

The digital display timer and the variable temperature selection option are customer-friendly features to enhance the overall user experience.

The small and compact kitchen appliance fits easily into any kitchen corner to gel beautifully with the ambiance. This device features anti-skid feet to prevent any accidental food spillages. The Auto switch-off feature prevents overcooking of the food and also saves power in the bargain.

It is one of the safest kitchen appliances because the safety sensor protects it from voltage fluctuations. The long power cord enhances the convenience factor as you can use it almost anywhere in the house. The lightweight appliance is easily portable and fits into all travel bags.

5. Usha Cook Joy 3616 1600W Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktop is the perfect solution to flameless cooking. Thus, you have less soot and thereby help protect the environment.

Usha Cook Joy 3616 is a compact induction cooktop model capable of delivering a safe cooking experience without wasting any heat while maximizing energy by supplying it directly to the cooking vessel.

The advantage of induction cooktops is that they do not present any fire hazards or instances of gas leakages. Besides, the advanced technology helps concentrate the heat at the center of the cooktop and leaves the surrounding areas unaffected. Thus, you do not burn your fingers while carrying it around.

The Usha cooktop is ideal for Indian cooking conditions as it features five preset Indian menus, like milk/tea, dosa/roti, curry, idli, and deep fry. Besides, it features a manual option to set the temperature and timing, depending on your preferences and requirements.

The built-in timer function is programmable for up to 180 minutes and comes equipped with an auto shut-off and pause function. The benefit of using the timer is that it allows you to complete other tasks while the induction cooktop goes on with its cooking activity.

Some of the protection features that add to the safety factor are overheating protection, anti-skid feet, and resistance to voltage fluctuations up to 1500V. It comes with an extended power cord to enhance convenience levels.

6. Prestige PIC 16.0+ 1900W Induction Cooktop with Push button

The Prestige PIC 16.0+ induction cooktop model offers quick and consistent heating at high efficiency. It comes equipped with some of the best features like an anti-magnetic wall, soft push buttons, automatic voltage regulator, and other safety mechanisms to prove its worth as the most useful kitchen appliance in your home.

The unique power saver technology monitors the vessel’s temperature levels and adjusts the power supply, depending on its base size. This feature ensures the usage of optimum power while delivering an impeccable performance.

The Indian menu option makes it an endearing appliance for Indian homemakers and allows them to prepare various dishes with absolute ease. This induction cooktop features a unique pause option to stop the device and attend to your phone calls/doorbell. You can resume cooking at the same temperature.

This appliance is an intelligent one as the full procedure computer control automatically adjusts the power and temperature levels, depending on the food you wish to cook. Besides, it comes with a unique auto shut-off feature when you accidentally leave it on for a long time.

The aerodynamic cooling system ensures that the fan keeps working even after switching off the machine to enable it to cool down quickly.

7. iBell Hold The World – 2000W Induction cooktop

iBell induction cooktop is a compact model capable of delivering an excellent cooking performance while enhancing the kitchen ambiance simultaneously.

The high-quality crystal glass used in manufacturing this cooktop is a durable one that can bear the weight of heavy kitchen vessels with ease.

This induction cooktop features a user-friendly LED display that allows you to set the timings to ensure an impeccable cooking experience. It also comes with safety aspects that prevent voltage fluctuations from affecting the appliance’s performance.

The auto shut-off feature provides high levels of safety by ensuring that the food does not get overcooked. It also shuts off the machine if left unattended for some time, thereby conserving power.

The high-quality coils provide instant heat and thus enhances the convenience factor considerably. It offers a wide cooking range whereby you can use this induction cooktop for cooking almost all Indian dishes and providing healthy and delicious meals for the entire family.

The press-button control panel is amongst the easiest to use. The excellent design ensures that accidental liquid spillages do not penetrate the control panel and reach the interiors to damage the appliance.

The timer and temperature control feature allows you to cook an entire range of Indian food with consummate ease. In short, it is a worthy kitchen assistant that helps cook delicious food while conserving power at the same time.

Buying Guide For Induction Cooktops

Our grandmothers had to slog it away using kerosene stoves, whereas our mothers were luckier in using gas cooking ranges.

The present generation should consider itself fortunate to have access to innovative cooking appliances like induction cooktops that do not require LPG or other fuel to cook food. They work on electricity and use electromagnetic induction to generate heat and help cook food efficiently.

This part of the article discussed the factors to consider when purchasing an induction cooktop. But before doing so, we shall understand the working of an induction cooktop. It will help us by making it easier to select the ideal induction cooktop for our kitchen.

How does an induction cooktop work?

An induction cooktop is different from the conventional gas stoves you see in every Indian kitchen. This device can cook food without using any flames.

The advanced technology uses electromagnetic fields to heat the cooking vessel but, surprisingly, does not heat its surface. Besides, it does not generate heat in the kitchen, thereby adding to your comfort levels.

The induction cooktop features a ceramic plate and an electromagnetic coil below it. As you switch on the electric power supply, the electricity passing through the coil generates a fluctuating magnetic field.

However, it does not produce heat unless you place a cooking vessel over the induction cooktop. In doing so, the magnetic field sends small currents through the cooking vessel to convert the energy into heat.

Thus, you have a conversion of electrical energy into magnetic energy and heat energy that enables convenient cooking.

An induction cooktop’s striking feature is that it does not heat the ceramic plate, but the cooking pan becomes hot. This procedure can boil water or milk in half the time it takes for a conventional gas stove.

Different types of Induction cooktops

Generally, three types of induction cooktops are available globally.

Portable cooktops

These induction cooking equipment are the most popular in India. These are small appliances that suit small families, couples, and individuals. You can comfortably carry them from one room to another.

Built-in cooktops

This type of induction cooktop is not as widespread as portable appliances. You can find these cooktops in modern-day modular kitchens. As they are mounted on the kitchen countertop, they are not portable.

Freestanding Induction Cooktops

This type of induction cooktop is also not popular in India. These cooktops are usually placed over freestanding electric ovens. They are multi-utility devices and allow you to prepare different kinds of foods. As they are heavy equipment, they are not easily portable.

We restrict our discussion to the portable cooktops alone. Before going into the factors to consider, here are some benefits and drawbacks of an induction cooktop.

Benefits of an induction cooktop

  • An induction cooktop comes with multiple cooking controls to allow the preparation of different food menus.
  • The use of an induction stove increases cooking speeds and saves power.
  • Induction cooktops are easy to clean and maintain.
  • These kitchen appliances offer safety from fires and electric shocks.

Drawbacks of an induction cooktop

  • These devices require electricity to work. If there is no power, you cannot operate them.
  • Some induction cooktops make noise.
  • These kitchen companions do not support all cookware.
  • Some models can be expensive.

Why do you need an induction cooktop?

This question can come to your mind. When you have a gas stove, where is the need for an induction cooktop?

We have discussed an example at the beginning of this article. That example proves the need for having an induction stove as a backup cooking device. Besides, here are some reasons why an induction cooktop can prove more beneficial than other cooking modes.

  • An induction cooktop cooks faster than other cooking modes.
  • As you save time, you can use it more productively for doing other activities.
  • Induction cooktops do not use flames for cooking. Hence, it eliminates fire accidents.
  • These appliances are user friendly and come with multiple preset menus.
  • As these devices do not emit toxic fumes, they are eco-friendly.
  • Compared to a gas cooking range, an induction cooktop is easy to clean.
  • The portable induction cooking tops are available at affordable prices.

Crucial Aspects to consider

Here are the critical factors you should focus on when purchasing an induction cooktop.

Size of the cooking zone

In India, we generally use the induction cooktop as portable kitchen equipment. The freestanding or the built-in cooktops are not as popular. However, the size of your cooking zone is crucial. It is advisable to choose the size, depending on your needs.

The cooking zone size is crucial because the equipment focuses the heat in a particular zone alone. Otherwise, you have to adjust your vessel size to suit the cooking zone.

Pan Detection Feature

As explained earlier, induction cooktops start functioning only after detecting a cooking pan’s presence on its surface. It is better to have flat pans that cover the entire cooking zone to ensure the quickest cooking. If you place an incompatible pan, the induction cooktop recognizes it and shuts off the operations.

Touch Control Operations

Generally, all induction cooktops available in India come with touch button control options. The panel is safe and comfortable to operate. This part of the cooktop does not get heated. Hence, there is no danger of scalding your hands.

Auto Switch Off

Almost all induction cooktops feature an auto switch-off feature to prevent overheating. Besides, this feature enables the appliance to shut off automatically if left unused for a specific period.

Power Consumption

An induction cooktop requires electricity for its operation. Higher the wattage, the quicker is food preparation. The power consumption also depends on the appliance’s size. The 7-inch cooktops consume between 1200 to 1800W, whereas the 9-inch models require 2200 to 3300W. The 11-inch models consume 3700W or more.

The ideal induction cooktop size should be around the seven to nine inches figure. It is better to choose a device that consumes 2000W on average.

Preset menus

All induction cooktops in India come with preset menus. Some have five, whereas some feature seven. These menus enhance the convenience factor as you do not have to adjust the temperature and timing settings when cooking. Some of the preset options include boiling milk, making rice, dosas/rotis, frying vegetables, etc.

Overflow Protection

Liquid spillage on the device can damage the controls and render them ineffective. Hence, most of the induction cooktops provide overflow protection by alerting you with a beep or switching off the process to prevent further damage.

Preset Cooking Times

All induction cooktops come with a timer feature that allows you to preset the time required for cooking. You can also set timings to reduce the cooking temperature. It allows you to concentrate on other work in the kitchen.

Induction Coil Quality

The performance of your induction cooktop depends on the induction coil’s quality. Copper and aluminum are the ideal metals for manufacturing coils. It is better to check it out before you purchase the cooktop.

Child Lock Safety

Children are curious and could tamper with the settings or touch the induction cooktop when cooking food. The present-day models come with a child lock safety feature that locks the setting and prevents children from tampering.

It also prevents avoidable accidents. On activating these settings, the power button is usable, whereas the other options get locked.

Additional Features

Some of the latest cooktop models come equipped with additional features like ‘Pause’ and ‘Keep Warm.’ The ‘Pause’ option allows you to stop the cooking process when you have to answer the phone or doorbell urgently.

You can resume cooking at the same temperature on restarting the machine. It also allows you to lock the heating settings, whereby you can wipe the controls without activating them. The ‘Keep Warm’ feature helps to maintain the food warm for a specific period.


Generally, the portable induction cooktops available on the Indian market are affordable. Your budget depends on the family size, cooktop dimensions, and the features available on it.

Warranty Period

Usually, manufacturers offer a warranty period of one to two years on the appliance. The higher the warranty period, the more reliable the machine is.

We have explained all the factors one should consider when looking to purchase an induction cooktop. It should now be easy to understand its working and features, thereby making it convenient to order your preferred kitchen appliance.

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