There cannot be a more excellent feeling than being able to reach out for a glass of cold water from your refrigerator as you reach home after being out in the scorching summer sun.

Besides providing you with your quota of cold water, the fridge is a useful kitchen appliance as it enables you to preserve perishable food items, including milk, curds, etc.

Rarely do you find an Indian kitchen without a fridge working 24×7 diligently?

With technology improving today, it can be challenging to get the ideal refrigerator for your home. The plethora of choices available makes it all the more difficult.

This buying guide proposes simplifying your quest by concentrating on the aspects to note when purchasing one for your home.

Meanwhile, here are some excellent refrigerator models waiting to be picked up from the eCommerce market.

1. LG 260L 3-Star Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator – GLI292RPZL

Trust LG to come with excellent options like the 260L 3-star frost-free double-door refrigerator to cater to your food storage and preservation activities.

This high-quality fridge features an advanced and energy-efficient compressor that saves energy. The Smart Inverter Compressor ensures energy efficiency, makes less noise and maintains freshness for extended periods.

The multi-airflow cooling technology is unique to this model, where cold air flows through specialized air vents to distribute cold air to all the corners of your kitchen appliance. This Ice Beam Door Cooling system ensures uniform cooling throughout the machine.

The stabilizer-free operation is an excellent highlight that substantially reduces the chances of damage due to voltage fluctuations. The Smart Diagnosis feature enables the device to diagnose and resolve any problem you might have with this kitchen appliance.

This refrigerator connects to your home inverter network through the Auto Smart Connect mode whenever there is a power cut. Another excellent feature is the Moist Balance Crisper facility. This function includes a lattice-pattern box cover for your vegetable box to maintain optimal moisture levels inside the machine.

This 260L refrigerator offers perfect space on the door by allowing you to place large water bottles on the shelf. This appliance features three spill-proof toughened glass shelves to carry heavy loads without spillage.

The anti-bacterial and air-tighten gasket prevent bacterial contamination. The humidity controller balances the air quality inside the fridge, and the deodorizer prevents foul odor to keep the refrigerator fresh.

2. Whirlpool 265L 3-Star Inverter Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator – Intellifresh INV CNV 278 3S

Whirlpool offers some excellent refrigerator models in this series. This refrigerator’s highlighting feature is its 5-in-1 convertible options that allow you to use the appliance according to your requirements.

This fridge comes powered by Adaptive Intelligence technology to offer five different modes. This innovative technology senses adapts, and controls the temperature and humidity levels inside the appliance, depending on the load, usage pattern, and external weather conditions to deliver long-lasting freshness.

The Intellisense Inverter technology saves power as it efficiently adapts the cooling depending on the internal load. This refrigerator ensures matchless performances even during power cuts by maintaining the internal temperature.

The advanced Zeolite technology enables your fruits and vegetables to remain fresh for up to 15 days. The Micro Block technology prevents up to 99% bacterial contamination to maintain the freshness. The Fresh Flow Air Tower with flexi vents ensures uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator.

The vegetable crisper box features honeycomb moisture lock crisper cover to condense the evaporated water from the food to ensure optimum freshness. The Freshonizer feature reduces oxidation to help fruits and vegetables retain their freshness.

You can connect this refrigerator to your home inverter to ensure that the machine keeps functioning even during power cuts. Thus, you get consistent cooling and long-lasting freshness.

3. Samsung 253L 3-Star Inverter Frost-free Double-door refrigerator – RT28T3483S8/HL

Samsung has introduced a fantastic range of refrigerators with stylish design and excellent features. The Cool Wall feature in the freezer keeps your food chilled for up to 12 hours during a power cut.

The digital inverter technology ensures better energy efficiency, less noise, and long-lasting performance, as it adjusts its speed automatically, based on the cooling demand.

The Smart Connect inverter refrigerators connect to your home inverter to ensure uninterrupted functioning even during power cuts. The stabilizer-free operations prevent the appliance from voltage fluctuations.

The All-Round cooling system cools the appliance from corner to corner as the cold air blows through multiple vents situated on each shelf. Thus, the temperature remains constant and enables the food to stay fresh.

The easy-slide shelf allows you to place and remove food items comfortably. The movable ice maker makes ice dispensation easy. Besides, it saves valuable space inside the machine.

The deodorizer performs the role of removing foul odors and keeps your device smelling good all the time. It comprises activated carbon filters to eliminate bad smells and help food retain its natural fiber content.

The Moist Fresh Zone feature preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables for long periods. You can keep your perishable dairy products inside the Fresh room compartment. The Big Bottle Guard protects your glass bottles by preventing them from toppling over.

This appliance features toughened glass shelves capable of storing heavy containers comfortably. The LED light inside the machine provides the ideal illumination to help locate your food items quickly.

The digital display options and the recessed handle add to the exquisite appearance and adds to your kitchen ambiance.

4. Whirlpool 240L Frost-free Multi-door refrigerator FP 263D Protton Roy

This Whirlpool refrigerator comes in a 3-door format to offer benefits that no other fridge in its class provides to its users.

The advantage of this Whirlpool model is that it features the largest storage space for fruits and vegetables. It prevents odor mixing and ensures better cooling retention because it has three separate zones for different storage needs.

The Moisture Retention Technology ensures cold airflow around the compartment to help vegetables and fruits retain their freshness. Zeolite technology prevents the excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh for long periods.

This refrigerator’s unique feature is customized cooling technology that allows the Deli Zone to store delicacies like cheese, red berries, chocolates, and other dairy products.

Micro Block technology prevents a build-up of bacteria by 99%. The Air Booster controls air circulation to ensure that each compartment receives uniform cooling.

This refrigerator comes with a separate fruit crisper to prevent odor mixing with other edibles. The Ice Twister arrangement allows easy dispensing of ice cubes. A single twist enables you to collect ice cubes conveniently inside the collector box.

The 6th sense Active Fresh technology ensures up to twice the freshness for your fruits and vegetables by preventing excessive ripening.

5. LG 190L 4-Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator – GL-D201ARGY

With nuclear families mushrooming all over India, this 190L LG refrigerator is gaining popularity. It is a stylish, single-door refrigerator that offers the benefit of double-door fridges at an attractive price.

The silent operation and smart inverter compressor provide unmatched performance and excellent savings.

Direct Cool technology is advantageous because it is efficient and effective while retaining the freshness for up to six/seven hours during a power cut. The smart inverter compressor offers stabilizer-free operation. Besides, the revolutionary smart connect technology enables you to connect this appliance to your home inverter.

The lattice-type box cover retains the moisture at optimum levels as it condenses the water that evaporates from the stored food. The exclusive feature of this LG refrigerator is its speed at making ice. Amongst all refrigerators in its niche, this fridge makes ice in 108 minutes.

LG has a unique storage container beneath the appliance to store vegetables that do not require refrigeration. The base stand drawer is useful for storing onions and potatoes.

The anti-bacterial gasket keeps the food hygienic for extended periods. This appliance offers excellent storage options, with its toughened glass shelves capable of holding loads as heavy as 175 kg.

Today’s advanced technology entails that these appliances can work efficiently in an extensive input voltage range of 90 to 310V. Thus, you do not need to spend on an external stabilizer.

Buying Guide for Refrigerators

In the olden days, the refrigerator did nothing more than keeping your food fresh and providing you with your glass of cold water to quench your thirst. Today, the technology has improved tremendously, with your refrigerators capable of doing much more.

It makes it challenging to decide on the ideal fridge for your home. You have a variety of choices before you. This buying guide proposes to make it easy for you.

Here are the vital things to keep in mind when purchasing a new refrigerator for your kitchen.


Your refrigerator capacity depends on factors like your budget and the number of people in your home. If you notice, manufacturers denote the fridge capacities in liters. The family size determines the quantity of food you keep inside the refrigerator.

This table should make clarify matters.

Family Size Fridge Capacity
Individuals – Single adults Small appliances with capacity range 40 to 100L
Small families comprising a couple with one kid Ideal capacity around 150 to 250L
Nuclear families comprising of a couple with two kids A 250 to 350L fridge should prove enough
Larger families comprising of five people and more 250 to 500L refrigerators are ideal.

Refrigerators are available in various sizes ranging from 40L to more than 500L. Single individuals have lower requirements. Hence, the smaller appliances up to 100L should prove adequate.

Small families with one kid have higher requirements than individuals. The ideal fridge capacity should be in the range of 150 to 250L.

If you have more than one kid or live with your parents, you can go for capacities in the 250 to 350L range, whereas large families can go up to even 500L.

Your dietary habits also play a critical role in deciding the fridge capacity. People with vegetarian preferences do not need to use the freezers much. Hence, they can concentrate on refrigerators that offer more space in the fridge compartment.

On the other hand, people who love non-vegetarian food can go for appliances having large freezer compartments.


Refrigerators occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. The doors have to open fully at 180 degrees. Therefore, you should check out this aspect before purchasing your refrigerator. Besides, these appliances generate heat.

You need to leave out a couple of inches of space between the machine and the walls.

As people live in apartments today, you should ensure that your staircases and doors are large enough to allow these appliances to come in unhindered.

Cooling Technology – Direct Cool Vs. Frost-free

Refrigerators work on two cooling technologies. The Direct Cool technology envisages that the cold air circulates through natural convection. Hence, you find ice formation in such machines. The freezer compartments get filled with ice forcing you to defrost the appliance manually.

During the defrosting exercise, the fridge does not cool the interiors. Hence, this technology saves power. The technology is such that these refrigerators cannot have more than one door. These appliances do not have capacities of more than 200L.

As the name suggests, Frost-free technology does not have any ice accumulation or frost to deal with. These refrigerators work by circulating cool air inside the appliance using fans.

The advantage of this technology is that you do not have to defrost the machine manually. Secondly, this technology allows you to go for larger capacities and multiple doors. However, you have single-door fridges too, coming with frost-free technology.

The drawback of this technology is that the refrigerator’s sides tend to become hot. These appliances consume more power than the Direct Cool fridges and are expensive in comparison.

The Direct Cool refrigerators have exposed backsides, whereby dust can accumulate on the fridge’s electrical wiring and other components. When you defrost the appliance manually, the water accumulates on a container placed on top of the compressor. You have to throw away the water once the container gets filled.

Different Types of Refrigerators

These machines come in different sizes and models, ranging from mini-fridges to the massive three-door and side-by-side refrigerators.

Mini Refrigerators

As the name suggests, these appliances are not more than 100L in capacity. They are tiny appliances that do not offer facilities other than keeping your food fresh. Some of these fridges come with a small integrated freezer compartment.

You usually find them in hotel rooms. Individuals can also use these appliances in their bedrooms to store their refreshments. These machines work on Direct Cool technology alone.

Single-door refrigerators

These machines come with a single door and are available in capacities ranging from 150L to 250L. Such models have an in-built freezer compartment for making ice. They also come with a specific area strategically placed below the freezer for putting milk and dairy products.

Generally, single-door refrigerators work on Direct-Cool technology. However, some single-door models are also available with frost-free technology today. Besides the manual defrosting option, some models offer digital defrosting.

Double-door refrigerators

The double-door fridges come with an independent freezer compartment, generally placed above the fridge compartment. You have some models that feature the freezer at the bottom. Anyway, this arrangement offers comparatively more freezer space.

Double-door refrigerators usually work on frost-free technology. These appliances are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

They are available in a range of capacities from 250 to 500L. You have excellent storage space inside these machines. The doors are also spacious enough to place large bottles.

Some models feature separate door cooling technology to enhance performance levels considerably. These appliances feature toughened glass shelves capable of withstanding heavy kitchen vessels.

Triple-door refrigerators

Compared to the double-door and single-door models, the triple-door refrigerators are slimmer. These fridges are taller, but they occupy less floor space. Hence, these machines are ideal for homes having space constraints. These fridges come with capacities of 250 to 300L.

Generally, the middle compartment is the largest one and is for regular use. The top area is for the freezer, whereas the vegetable drawer or the crisper comprises the bottom portion.

These appliances work on frost-free technology and come equipped with toughened glass shelves.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Compared to all the refrigerator models discussed above, the side-by-side fridges are the most expensive. They also come with the best technologies.

They offer ample space as they are available in capacities ranging from 550 to 850L. These machines occupy a lot of space.

Some refrigerator models offer water and ice dispensers on one of the doors. Thus, you get your supply of cold water without having to open it.

Convertible Refrigerators

Today, you have a new breed of fridges known as convertible refrigerators. They are similar in appearance to the regular double-door fridges, but they work on different technologies, depending on your requirements.

At times, you do not have much use for the freezer compartment. The convertible refrigerator allows you to disable the freezer entirely or use the freezer as a regular fridge.

When you go on vacation, you do not have any use for the standard fridge compartment.

This technology allows you the option to switch off the fridge and use the freezer alone. Thus, you can change the operating mode, depending on your immediate requirements.

Star Ratings

Every refrigerator manufacturer must declare the star rating on individual appliances. These ratings signify energy efficiency. The higher the rating, the higher is the appliance’s energy efficiency. Simultaneously, higher is the pricing.

However, energy-efficient refrigerators are economical in the long run. It is always beneficial to opt for a fridge with a high star rating. The 5-star appliances are the best followed by the 4-star and 3-star fridges.

The 5-star refrigerators can save approximately Rs 1800 per year in energy savings. In comparison, the 4-star machines save around Rs 1500, and the 3-star fridges, Rs 1200.


The compressor is considered to be the most crucial component of a refrigerator. It is responsible for maintaining the temperatures inside the machine.

There are two types of compressors, the general compressor and the inverter compressor.

General Compressor

The general compressors work at one speed, the highest speeds possible. They switch off when the temperature inside the refrigerator reaches the optimum level.

The cooling is maintained inside the machine for some time. As the temperature rises above the minimum threshold, these compressors start again and resume working full speed. Hence, you hear the ‘tick’ sound frequently in these machines.

The Inverter Compressor

The inverter compressor is different as it does not work at a constant speed throughout. It varies the speed, depending on the cooling requirements. They start at slow speeds and increase it when there is any loss in the cooling.

These compressors do not shut off but keep varying their speeds. Therefore, the inverter compressors are more energy-efficient than the general compressors.

Additional Features to look for in the best refrigerator

Door Cooling Technology

In the traditional cooling method, the fridge doors’ items do not get the same level of cooling. Besides, you keep opening the doors frequently for removing or placing items.

Today, you have refrigerators featuring innovative cooling technologies that ensure the items kept on the door shelves receive the same amount of cooling as the entire appliance.

Cool Pack/Cool Wall technology

Samsung refrigerators feature a unique Cool Pack/Cool Wall technology that keeps the freezers cold for up to 12 hours during power cuts. It enables the items inside the freezer to remain fresh for extended periods.

Vegetable Crispers

Almost all fridges come with a separate container to store vegetables and fruits. The latest models from LG, Whirlpool, etc., feature innovative technology to help these vegetable containers retain moisture levels and maintain the freshness of the contents inside them.

These containers have a lattice-type cover that allows the crisper to condense the water evaporated from the vegetables/fruits to keep them fresh for days together.

Some of the models feature technologies like Zeolite technology to prevent excessive ripening of the fruits. Micro Block technology ensures to avoid bacterial contamination and enhance the freshness levels considerably.

Water dispensers

The side-by-side refrigerators come with water dispensers on one of the doors. It allows you to get your glass of cold water without opening the fridge.

Inbuilt Stabilizers

In the past, people had to invest in a separate voltage stabilizer to ensure that the fridge keeps working during extreme voltage fluctuations.

Today, the refrigerators come with inbuilt mechanisms that allow these machines to function efficiently even when the input voltage fluctuates in the range of 90V to 310V.


Your food can emit odors as you place them inside the fridge. As there is no way for the smell to escape, it remains inside the appliance. It can cause a mixing of odors as you have different kinds of foods inside it.

The deodorizer feature removes such food odor from the fridge by using powerful activated carbon filters. Thus, you do not experience any bad smell when opening the refrigerator.

Smart Connect Features

Power cuts are frequent in India. Whenever there is a power cut, the refrigerator stops functioning. Today, you can connect your refrigerator to the home inverter system and ensure that it keeps functioning even during power cuts.

Samsung offers a model that can work on solar power, regular electricity, and inverter batteries.

Smart Refrigerator

Today, you have refrigerator models that connect to your smartphone through a unique smartphone app. This app allows you to diagnose errors, if any, in the machine to help in easy troubleshooting.

Toughened Glass Shelves

The top-end refrigerators, especially in the double-door and triple-door categories, come equipped with toughened glass shelves capable of withstanding heavy kitchen utensils.

You also have refrigerators coming with adjustable shelves that you can shift or even remove entirely to make optimum use of storage space.

LED Lighting

Some refrigerator models feature LED lighting inside the appliance to enhance illumination levels. These models consume less energy because LED lights do not emit any heat or consume much power. On the other hand, they offer excellent illumination. A couple of models feature LED lamps inside the freezer compartment.

Display Panel

The top-end fridge models feature an electronic LED display panel on one of the doors to enable you to decide on the right temperature settings without having to open the appliance.

Bottom Rack

Some of the latest single-door direct cool refrigerators like Samsung and LG come with a unique storage option beneath the fridge. You can stuff the vegetables that do not require refrigeration, like potatoes, onions, etc. This concept makes optimum use of space available.

Top Models

Some of the top refrigerator models include LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Godrej, Voltas, BlueStar, etc. We have discussed the features of some of the best refrigerators available in India in this article.

Final Thoughts

This buying guide has touched upon every aspect you should look for in a refrigerator to make it convenient for you to decide on the perfect option for your home. Refrigerators are available in various color options. You can select the one that matches your kitchen ambiance.

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