Vacuum cleaners are supposedly the best invention as far as homemakers are concerned. It makes their chores simple by reducing the amount of labor.

With improving technology, you have advanced vacuum cleaners that can work on their own without any human intervention. Yes, we are referring to Robotic vacuum cleaners that have revolutionized domestic cleaning and taken it to the next level of comfort and convenience.

These machines are capable of taking care of the entire flooring, thereby proving to be the perfect domestic assistant at home. They have excellent reach as they can cover tricky corners.

Besides, these appliances do not need anyone to operate them. They can proceed to the docking station for a quick recharge and resume the cleaning activities. Thus, the robotic vacuum cleaner qualifies as a smart device.

This appliance deserves to find a place in every Indian home. This simple buying guide will help you to purchase the ideal cleaning assistant for your home.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The 360 brand of robotic vacuum cleaners is comparatively more expensive than the other. However, they compensate with their excellent features.

The highlight of 360 S7 Laser is that it can work in total darkness. The LDS LIDAR sensor system generates highly accurate HD maps to help in easy navigation through your home. Besides, it can save these maps to help it chart the ideal cleaning path with SLAM algorithm.

This vacuum cleaner can detect the difference between carpets and floors and switches automatically to higher suction power for deep cleaning. The smart system enables the battery to recharge automatically whenever the battery runs out of power and resumes cleaning on its own.

This household appliance is compatible with Alexa voice assistant, whereby it becomes easy to control the device. You can set off the mopping off-limit areas using the mobile app. Besides, it is also possible to schedule the cleaning at a convenient time.

Besides the Custom Cleaning mode, this model features three suction levels. It also features different modes like Spot Cleaning mode and Priority Cleaning mode, among other functions. Hence, it is an ideal appliance to have in your home if you have children and pets. The powerful suction helps to clean up mess like pet hair and dander.

The 360 S7 Laser comes equipped with multiple sensors like an anti-collision sensor to avoid getting stuck in narrow spaces beneath the furniture. The anti-drop sensors prevent the device from falling. The wall sensor is useful for sweeping around the corners and along the walls.

This machine features a smart water tank that allows water to seep slowly and ensure uniform mopping. It stops when the cleaning is over, thereby leaving no stains.

2. Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 950 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 950 is similar to the 360 S7 Laser in many ways. The similarities make it one of the most desirable appliances in its category.

The Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 950 is a 2-in-1 appliance because it can simultaneously vacuum and mop to remove up to 99.26% of bacteria on the floors.

This excellent household aid is compatible with a smartphone app, Ecovacs Home app, that enables smooth control of the device. You can adjust the water levels of the mopping. The carpet detection functionality helps the appliance avoid carpets when mopping.

The Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 950 can work continuously for over three hours of run time. Besides, it makes less noise, whereby you can also use it at night.

The DEEBOT can create up to three different maps. Hence, it is perfect for multi-level homes and multiple cleaning spaces. The best aspect is that the robot recognizes the saved area it is going to clean.

This machine features up to three suction levels, normal, max, and max-plus to tackle every kind of a mess. You will find this appliance an excellent one to clean up the liquid stains on your carpets.

The Smart Navi 3.0 enables the robot to navigate your home and map your floorplan to your smartphone using the latest laser technology. The interactive map enables you to choose the area you want to clean and set virtual boundaries to deliver excellent performance.

3. Roomba 692 Vacuum Cleaning Robot


Here is another excellent robot vacuum cleaner that delivers an excellent performance every time you use it. It comes with some of the best features you can expect.

The Roomba 692 is different from the appliances discussed above because it does not come with mopping features. The 3-stage cleaning system removes dust, dirt, and debris from both hard floors and carpets.

The unique aspect of this machine is that it learns your cleaning habits and suggests appropriate cleaning schedules to meet your requirements. The appliance recommends activities like extra cleaning, primarily during the allergy season.

This Roomba 692 is compatible with a specific smartphone app and works with different voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa-enabled devices. You can have a great time communicating with this companion.

This machine features dual multi-surface brushes to grab all kinds of debris like minute dust particles to large pieces of dirt from carpets and hard floors.

The Roomba 600 series vacuum cleaners come equipped with a full suite of sensors that allow the device to navigate under furniture and along the edges.

4. Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner

Ecovacs Deebot is amongst the leading models in India. This model, Deebot 500, does not have advanced features like the Deebot OZMO 950 but is still a useful appliance to have in your home.

The Deebot 500 comes with unique anti-collision and anti-drop sensors that prevent unnecessary collision with furniture and other household items. It also features soft cushion bumpers that protect the device.

The Ecovacs Deebot 500 comes equipped with three flexible cleaning modes. The Auto mode facilitates general cleaning. The Spot mode is excellent when you need extensive cleaning in one area. The Edge mode is ideal for specific edges.

One of the critical aspects of this utility household device is the compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home. It allows you to have seamless control over the device.

This robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with a smartphone app through which you can control its operations smoothly. It allows you to schedule the cleaning at a convenient time.

The standard suction power mode is ideal for your daily activities. However, if you have a heavy job to do, the Max mode proves handy with its dual suction power mode.

5. ILIFE V80, Smart 2-in-1 Dry and Wet Planned Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The 2-in-1 suction mop is the highlighting feature of the ILIFE V80. It comes with excellent flexible features to qualify as one of the best cleaning devices for your home.

The V80 ranks high on the utility front because of its unique 2-in-1 cleaning modes. The dry vacuuming function is ideal for almost all Indian homes. Besides, the dust tank can be exchanged for a water tank to activate the adjustable wiping mode.

The V80 comes equipped with intelligent i-Move navigation technology. This robot calculates the current room situation and creates a virtual surrounding map. The device splits the room into different zones that it efficiently suck or wipes alternatively with an intelligent adaptive route.

The powerful in-built BLDC motor produces a powerful suction power that works perfectly on hard floors and carpets alike. Besides, it can quickly suck heavier particles such as split stones or dry cat food.

The ILIFE V80 can be operated using the buttons on the surface if the remote control is not readily available. You can change from the automatic cleaning mode to train navigation with a single touch of a button.

The ILIFE V80 features five different modes for cleaning. The Auto mode is the most preferred one. The Spot mode is ideal for intensive cleaning at a single place. The Edge mode is perfect for cleaning room edges. The Path mode cleans along the pre-designed path decided by the navigator.

The Max mode proves useful for heavy cleaning jobs because of the additional suction power of the BLDC motor.

This appliance features multiple sensors that help prevent collision with home furniture and other items.

Other excellent features include aluminum-based anti-scratch panel, anti-fall staircase sensor, auto recharge, and error detection tangle to ensure high-quality performance.

6. Forbes Robo Vac N Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes is a renowned market leader in manufacturing vacuum cleaners in India. The highlight of the Robo Vac N Mop is UV sanitization that adds to the hygiene factor.

The Robo Vac N Mop comes powered with UV action as it sweeps, mops, and disinfects simultaneously. The multi-surface cleaning feature can clean carpets, wooden floors, and tiles with equal ease.

This advanced cleaning appliance features four different cleaning modes. The Auto Cleaning mode adjusts to the situation and cleans accordingly. The Spot Cleaning mode makes it move spirally in a specific area when it detects excessive dust.

The Edge Cleaning mode is ideally suited for cleaning along walls and obstacles. Your companion leaves its docking station and starts working at the scheduled time in the Scheduling mode.

The USP of the Robo Vac N Mop is its Duraclean battery that comes with an unmatched run time of 90 minutes to deliver a hassle-free cleaning experience.

The one-touch operation mode makes this vacuum cleaner a dream appliance to operate. It comes equipped with nine smart sensors to detect obstacles on its path and adjust accordingly. The Smart Dust Tank Detection system alerts the user for incorrect placement of the dust tank.

The Auto Docking system ensures that the appliance returns to the charging dock for recharging when the battery level is low.

Simple Buying Guide For Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner can be challenging. One should consider the following significant factors before selecting the ideal cleaning assistant.

  • You should know the different features available with such machines. These features include sensors, corner cleaning capacity, dust bin size, filter types, mopping facility, automatic docking, and recharging options, etc.
  • Such appliances are not ideally suited for large homes. They are perfect for small spaces, especially for people who live alone.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners are ineffective when it comes to cleaning of stairs or elevated platforms. They can work on one level alone.
  • Though the functioning of such cleaners is automatic, they require manual intervention to clean the dustbin.

Here are some points to consider when selecting the ideal robot vacuum cleaner for your home.

Filter Types

Generally, these cleaners, especially the top-end ones, feature HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air) filters that can eliminate up to 99.97% dust particles measuring 0.3 microns. Such appliances equipped with HEPA filters are best suited for homes with asthmatic patients.

Bin Size

These small devices are capable of cleaning the floors under your furniture. Hence, they do not have large bin sizes as you observe in the conventional vacuum cleaners. The robot cleaners come with bin sizes between 0.25 to 1 liter. The bigger the bin, the better is the cleaning efficiency.

Battery Life

Generally, all robotic cleaners come with a battery dock that enables the appliance to recharge automatically from the docking station. It usually takes between three to four hours for this device to recharge to its full capacity. The longer the battery life, the more preferable is the appliance.

Corner Cleaning Efficiency

It is always a challenge to clean corners and under the furniture using conventional vacuum cleaners. At times, it is not possible to shift heavy furniture to enable an efficient vacuuming performance. The robot vacuum cleaner is a boon in disguise as it can comfortably maneuver corners and slip beneath the furniture. One should always check out for corner cleaning effectiveness of robot vacuum cleaners before purchasing them.

Scheduled Cleaning

Almost all the top-end machines come with smartphone compatibility. This feature allows you to schedule the cleaning jobs. It enables the appliance to start the cleaning at the scheduled time, even if you are not present in the home. Some of the latest robot vacuum cleaners come with Wi-Fi compatibility, whereby you can control its operations from remote locations using your smartphone.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

With technology improving considerably, you have these household assistants coming equipped with voice assistant compatibility. Thus, it becomes convenient to control your connected devices. There is no need for switching the appliance on manually. Your voice command can do the job with perfection.

Smart Sensors

Robot vacuum cleaners have to encounter obstacles in the form of furniture, carpets, uneven flooring, human interventions, and things strewn all over the place on the floor. They come equipped with different types of smart sensors to detect such obstacles. These sensors enable the appliance to chart alternative routes to complete the cleaning job.

Noise Factor

One cannot ignore the noise factor when using vacuum cleaners. If you schedule the cleaning job when you are not at home, the noise factor does not matter. However, if you plan to stay at home during the vacuuming process, it is advisable to opt for a low decibel floor cleaner.

Mopping Function

Some of the robot vacuum cleaners feature 2-in-1 functionalities like vacuuming and mopping. Such wet-n-dry vacuum cleaners come equipped with a water tank. It is also better to ensure that the cleaning brushes and scrubbers are of good quality.

Mapping Function

The top-end cleaners come with strategically placed cameras to map your home terrain. It helps the appliance to remember the location, thereby enabling it to navigate accordingly and deliver an excellent vacuuming performance. Such vacuum cleaners are ideal for large homes.

Navigation Features

Rooms can have staircases or elevated platforms. Robot vacuum cleaners come with navigation features that enable the appliance to detect such obstacles and prevent avoidable accidents. The inbuilt sensors help to navigate the appliance better.

Cleaning Modes

These specially designed robots come with multiple cleaning modes that adjust to the situation accordingly. The Auto mode enables the machine to function automatically without manual intervention. The scheduling mode helps you to schedule the cleaning times. The spot cleaning mode is useful to remove large quantities of dust at a single location. The Edge cleaning modes help the cleaner to take care of floor edges.

How to maintain your robot vacuum cleaner

Now that you know how to select a robot vacuum cleaner, let is discuss how to maintain the appliance, whereby it delivers an efficient performance.

  • Once you use your cleaning companion for a couple of sessions, it is advisable to shake the filters and allow the dust to settle down. It ensures a better cleaning performance.
  • The filters usually last for ten to twelve sessions comfortably. It is better to replace them on time to enhance the appliance’s efficiency levels. It is advisable to purchase original replacement filters. They might be comparatively expensive, but it protects the warranty and also delivers excellent performance.
  • Hair and other debris can stick to the machine’s brushes. One should cut them off using the cutting tool that comes as an accessory with some of the machines.
  • One should remember to clean the brushes and scrubbers at regular intervals to ensure efficient performance. The robot vacuum cleaner manual features the cleaning instructions.
  • If you have a blower appliance, it is excellent for removing the dust that settles on the robot.
  • It is advisable to clean the brush roll once a year to enhance the appliance’s longevity.

Merits of investing in a robot vacuum cleaner

The advantages of using this appliance are as follows.

  • The device saves time and manual labor in cleaning your home effectively.
  • The small size allows the appliance to clean unapproachable places with ease.
  • The machine does not occupy much space for storage.
  • Wi-Fi compatibility makes it convenient to control and operate the machine using remote control systems and voice assistants.
  • These appliances can clean your home even when you are not present in the house. You can schedule the cleaning times accordingly.

Demerits of a robot vacuum cleaner

Just as the robot vacuum cleaner has its advantages, you should be aware of its drawbacks, as well.

  • On the budget front, these appliances cost more than the conventional vacuum cleaners.
  • Not all robot vacuum cleaners come equipped with mopping facilities.
  • It is not the ideal machine to have when you have staircases and elevated platforms in your home.
  • These devices require frequent charging. Recharge can take around three to four hours, depending on the battery.

Final Thoughts

This simple buying guide makes it convenient to purchase the ideal robot vacuum cleaner for your home. Besides saving labor, it reduces the time required for cleaning your home. The robot vacuum cleaner is the best companion a homemaker can have as it makes her job comfortable.

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