Washing clothes is a back-breaking job. Hence, a washing machine should prove to be the ideal gift for the Indian homemaker. These appliances, especially the fully-automatic ones, are handy for office goers too.

You can toss your clothes into it, switch on the correct settings, and the machine does the job for you while you complete your other chores. Fully-automatic machines are available in two categories, the front-loading and top-loading models.

This article concentrates on the top-loading models and considers all the points one should note when purchasing such a model for your home.

Here are some excellent top loaders that should provide an idea of the features to expect in such machines.

1. LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – T70SKSF1Z

A washing machine is a durable product that should normally last for more than seven years. Under such circumstances, it is an excellent idea to go for 5-star appliances because they save power in the long run. LG 7.0 Kg top-loading fully-automatic model features an inverter motor that adjusts power consumption to the optimum machine load.

The motor comes with BMC protection to prevent danger from dust, insects, and humidity. The Turbo Drum enables the most powerful washing experience as it removes the toughest dirt using robust water streams as the drum and pulsator move in opposite directions.

The Auto Restart option is another power-saving option because the machine restarts from the wash cycle it left off during a power outage. Other safety features like Child Lock help disable the machine’s settings to prevent your child from tampering with it.

The Smart Diagnosis feature is a standout feature as you connect to the SmartThinQ app to diagnose errors if there is any problem with the appliance.

LG takes care of the hygiene factor as the Tub Clean feature sterilizes both the inner and the outer tub to eliminate unpleasant odor. The Auto Pre-Wash feature is the ideal stain-removal solution as it enables you to get rid of tough stains with a single touch.

If you root for a long-lasting top loader, your search should begin and end with this LG 7.0 Kg model.

2. Samsung 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – WA65A4002VS/TL

Samsung and LG have a healthy rivalry going between themselves. The “Anything you do, I can do better” attitude proves beneficial to the customer as you get an exotic range of appliances to choose from. This Samsung 6.5 Kg model is its retort to the LG model discussed above.

Samsung’s unique patented Diamond Drum technology protects your clothes from damage as this technology takes care of your garments while being ruthless on the dirt. This top-loading washing appliance features a Magic Filter to gather lint and other particles from your clothes to ensure that they stay cleaner.

This household appliance features three different wash modes, with the Quick Mode guaranteeing the perfect solution for your busy life.

Delicate Wash is ideal for your woolen sweaters, cardigans, and other clothes, whereas the Monsoon Mode reduces drying time by giving your fabrics a perfect rinse and spin.

Bacterial contamination is not a concern as the Eco Tub Clean feature keeps the washer fresh without using harsh chemicals. On the safety front, this machine is as good as any because the Child Lock feature disables all settings to prevent any unintentional mischief by your children.

Features like Easy Iron and Auto Restart make this device popular among Indian homemakers as it enhances comfort and convenience levels. Besides, you save power in the long run.

Samsung lovers are better off purchasing this top-loader to cater to their washing needs.

3. LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – T65SKSF4Z

Here is another LG top-loading fully-automatic washing machine to cater to specific population segments like individuals and couples. This 6.5 Kg appliance delivers a power-saving washing experience as it controls energy usage and eliminates waste operations.

The smart inverter motor senses the machine’s load levels for every washing operation and adjusts the power consumption accordingly. As a result, you save power over its extended lifespan.

The BMC Motor Protection feature provides adequate protection from dust, moisture, corrosion, and insects to enhance its overall longevity. This smart washing machine features three drum motions as the Turbo Drum and pulsator rotate in opposite directions to eliminate dirt thoroughly.

The Multi-water flow technology ensures powerful jets of water to ensure a better performance. Children could play around with the settings and damage them. This machine allows you to prevent such unnecessary mishaps by using the Child Lock feature to lock the settings and make them tamper-proof.

The SmartThinQ app compatibility helps you to diagnose errors to help the technician resolve the problem comfortably. As this machine features a stainless-steel drum, there is no question of rust or corrosion. Bacterial contamination is also not possible as the Tub Clean feature sterilizes it thoroughly after every washing cycle.

The Auto Restart option saves power, time, and labor by restarting from the same cycle it stopped during the power cut. This 6.5 Kg top loader is the perfect answer to your washing requirements.

4. Whirlpool 6.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – Whitemagic Royal

Whirlpool washing machines are more popular in Indian homes in smaller towns, especially those depending on groundwater for their water requirements. The Hard water wash feature distinguishes this washing machine from the others discussed here.

This washing machine features up to 12 wash programs to deal with all situations and garments. The 1-2-3 Wash system makes it possible to set your wash and spin cycles using three simple button options.

The Spiro Wash Action washes clothes in a unique circular motion to deliver 20% better cleaning performance. The Hard Water sensing feature senses water types and adapts the washing cycle appropriately.

The Zero Pressure Fill technology is an excellent feature that allows the washing tub to fill up to 50% faster, even if the water pressure is low. Hence, it is an ideal machine to have in high rise apartments in big Indian cities.

If you do not have much time to wash your clothes before going to the office, the Express Wash feature works like a dream by reducing the cycle time by 30 to 40%. The Magic Lint Filter proves handy to collect the lint and other debris and prevents it from clogging the drainpipe.

The Aqua Store feature is ideal for areas facing water shortages. You can store enough water for the next wash if there is uncertainty in the tap water supply. The Delay Wash feature enables you to delay your wash cycle by 3 to 24 hours, depending on your convenience.

Other excellent features include the Child Lock feature to prevent avoidable mishaps. In short, this Whirlpool device is an ideal one for your household.

5. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – WOE654W0ON

The images of front-loading washing machines come to mind when you think of Bosch. Bosch is a leading manufacturer of front loaders. However, they have recognized the Indian homemaker’s pulse that they prefer top-loading machines. Thus, you have specific Bosch models in this category.

This 6.5 Kg front-loading machine designed with German Engineering delivers the maximum performance to justify its rating as Europe’s No 1 brand. This machine features a unique PowerWave Wash system involving intelligent wave drum movement with a dynamic water flow system to comfortably remove the toughest stains.

Bosch has designed this machine for Indian conditions to resume its operations from where it left off during the power cut. The Magic Filter captures the lint and small threads that come out during the washing cycle to ensure cleaner laundry.

This appliance comes fitted with a sturdy glass lid but allows you to see through it and monitor the washing process. The soft closing lid is a safety feature that protects the device from damage and your hands from injury by shutting gently without making a sound.

This model features various washing cycle options that you can select at the touch of a button.

The One-touch start automatically selects the optimum program, depending on the machine load. The Child Lock feature locks all the keys on the control panel to prevent tampering, enabling an uninterrupted performance.

Buying Guide For Top-Loading Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

Buying a washing machine is never easy because of the extensive range of appliances available on the Indian market scene. You have semi-automatic machines and fully-automatic appliances. Besides, you have top-loading and front-loading models available in the fully-automatic category that make it challenging to decide.

Front-loading Vs. Top-loading washing machines

If you have used semi-automatic washing machines in the past, it becomes easy for you to graduate to a full-automatic model.

Generally, all Indian homemakers who purchase fully-automatic models have experience in handling the semi-automatic units. Besides, Indian users prefer the top-loading to the front-loading versions for various reasons.

  • Compared to the front-loading models, the top loaders are less expensive.
  • The top-loading washing machines have fewer control options to manage. Hence, it becomes easy to operate these devices.
  • People with back issues generally prefer to stand erect while using washing machines. The front loaders do not allow this facility. You have to bend down while loading and unloading clothes.

Power Saving – Front-loaders or Top loaders

The general global view is that front-loaders consume less power. However, Indian users are convinced that top-loading devices are more energy-efficient.

Surprisingly, both the statements are true because there is a sea of difference in the way people wash clothes in India compared to what people do abroad.

There is no doubt that the front-loaders save more water when it comes to saving water because they need half the quantity of water required compared to the top loaders. When the clothes are dry, they are lighter than water. Hence, you need more water to soak clothes completely.

The front-loading washing machines use a tumbling motion to ensure that the clothes soak in less water. Besides, these machines have extended wash cycles compared to top-loading devices.

Generally, all front-loading washing machines feature hot water washing cycles. People in western countries also use separate dryers for drying their washed clothes. As these front-loading appliances use less water, you require less energy for heating water.

Thus, you save power. Besides, the drying cycles are short, thereby resulting in less power consumption.

Indians generally use water at room temperature for washing clothes. Hence, it saves power because many machines do not feature hot water washing facilities. Secondly, Indians do not use dryers but prefer to hang their clothes on a clothesline.

Which is preferable? A front-loading washing machine/top-loading washing appliance.

Both top-loading and front-loading appliances deliver excellent washing performances. If you have never used a fully-automatic machine before, it is better to invest in a top-loading washing machine. These models have easy-to-use control options than the front-loading models.

Small families comprising up to three people do not need washing machines with a capacity of more than 6.5 Kg. If there are more family members, you can opt for machines with higher capacity.

Features to look for when investing in a top-loading washing machine

Here are some features of top-loading washing machine models you should be aware of before purchasing one for your home.

Inverter Motor

You must be having a refrigerator and AC at home. The inverter compressor technology is more prevalent in these devices. The washing machine inverter motor works on a similar principle.

The conventional motors spin at a constant speed, irrespective of what the machine load is. Therefore, power consumption is always the same for every wash. You do not have a similar load every day.

Therefore, you do not need the washing machine motor to work at the same speed daily. Inverter technology helps the machine to sense its load and select the wash program accordingly. Depending on this selection, the motor rotation speed varies, thereby saving power.

Direct Drive Technology

Generally, rotating motors cause a lot of noise. Washing machine drums connect to the motors using pulleys and conveyor belts. As the motor rotates, the belts and pulleys help the drum to rotate. It can cause a lot of friction and thus affect the machine’s overall efficiency. Besides, these machines make a lot of noise.

Direct Drive technology envisages connecting the washing machine drums directly to the motor, thereby eliminating the pulleys and conveyor belts. Thus, you get better efficiency, and the machines make less noise.

Motor Protection

The motor is the most crucial component of the top-loading washing machines. It is imperative to protect these motors from damage caused by moisture, humidity, corrosion, and even insects. LG inverter motors come with BMC protection. Similarly, other models have their protection features.

Drum Technology

Front-loading washing machines work with a unique tumbling motion to remove dirt from clothes.

The top loaders have their versions of swinging, scrubbing, alternate rotational movements, etc. LG fully-automatic machines feature three motion types that include the drum and the pulsator rotating in opposite directions to squeeze out dirt from the clothes.

Samsung machines depend on a unique Center Jet Technology that involves sending vertical water jets inside the machine to push the clothes towards the top while the drum rotates. It provides a tumbling effect to remove dirt and clean the clothes thoroughly.

Samsung machines also come with a patented Diamond Drum technology where the drum’s inner surface has minute holes spread across diamond-shaped grooves. This feature does not allow the clothes to stick outside the drum, thereby protecting them from damage.

Agitators and Pulsators

Agitators and pulsators are critical components of a top-loading fully-automatic washing machine. The agitator is a plastic rod-like contraption situated in the center of the drum. It usually comes with paddles.

As the drum rotates, the agitator moves in the opposite direction, with the paddles helping to squeeze out dirt from your clothes. The process is similar to squeezing clothes with your hands. You hold the cloth in both hands and turn the wrists in opposite directions to squeeze the cloths and remove water and dirt.

Some washing machines feature pulsators that are circular-shaped attachments located at the drum’s central base. The pulsator and washing drum rotate in opposite directions to deliver a squeezing motion to your clothes.

Washing Programs

All washing machines do not come with all these programs discussed here. It is better to check out from the product guide which of these programs are available on your machine.

Quick Wash

The washing cycles in a top-loading fully-automatic washing machine can take time. Generally, it takes around 30 minutes for a wash cycle, followed by some more time for the rinsing cycle.

If you have to go out somewhere and do not have much time, you can select the Quick Wash option available on almost all top loaders today. This mode quickens the wash and rinse cycle, whereby your clothes get cleaned within 15 to 30 minutes.


If you have children in your homes, you have to deal with soiled clothes. It can be a challenge to washing these clothes in the regular washing cycle. They need soaking for extended periods. Some washing machine models feature a Pre-Soak feature that allows you to soak these clothes in soap water for about 20-30 minutes before starting the wash cycle.

Daily Wash Cycle

Most people use washing machines daily. You might have a fixed set of clothes in the regular course, including your undergarments and casual wear clothes. It can be repetitive to set the timings and select the wash cycle daily.

Hence, washing machine manufacturers have introduced the daily wash cycle to program the timing and wash cycle once and save it for repetitive use. It enables you to save water, detergent, labor, energy, and time.


RPM denotes revolutions per minute. In washing machines, it is the speed at which the drum spins. If the RPM is higher, the washing drum spins faster. Hence, it is better at removing dirt. However, you should note that all clothes do not require the drum to spin at fast speeds.

The top-loading fully-automatic washing machines come with features that allow you to adjust RPM and vary the rotational speed to deliver optimum washing performance.

Temperature Control

Generally, the front-loading machines feature in-built heaters. Whirlpool has introduced this facility in top-loading machines also. Some of the other top-end models come with this feature.

These machines allow you to set and regulate the water temperature for an excellent washing experience. This mode is handy when washing soiled clothes as hot water can remove stains better than cold water.

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic is an AI feature available in select washing machine models. Brands like Haier, Godrej, and Samsung use this term, whereas other brands have different names. Whirlpool calls it 6th Sense technology.

This feature comprises automatic sensors to determine the wash cycle, temperature setting, detergent quantity, water levels, and timings, depending on the machine load and fabric quality. This feature makes it convenient to use these appliances.

Other Features

Here are some other features available in washing machines that merit mention.

Time Delay

This unique feature allows you to set delayed timings for the washing cycles’ commencement, depending on your preferences. You can delay the start by three to 24 hours. For example, you can set the timings to begin washing at night. The machine starts at the set time and continues with its job as you sleep peacefully.

Magic Lint Filter

As the machine washes the clothes, lint and other debris coming out of the clothes can enter the drainpipe and cause blockages. It affects the machine efficiency levels. A Magic Lint Filter is available on almost all washing machines that collect the debris and prevents it from flowing into the drains. You can remove the filter and take out the lint at any time.

Tub Clean Technology

Washing machines deal with soap, water, and dirt. These ingredients can stick to the sides of the drum and aid bacterial growth. Therefore, today’s washing machines come with a Tub Clean feature that washes the drum and removes soap residue after every wash. It enhances the hygiene factor.

Zero Pressure Fill Technology

Fully-automatic machines require water flow at a specific pressure. If the pressure falls below the threshold limit, it does not function properly. It can be a problem if you reside in high rise buildings. Under such circumstances, it is ideal to look for Zero Pressure Fill Technology features that allow the machine to function even if the water pressure is low.

Child Lock Feature

Children can be curious and thus tamper playfully with the washing appliance’s controls. It can change the settings you have chosen for a particular wash. You can prevent such mischief by using the Child Lock feature. It locks the machine’s settings and does not allow any tampering unless you unlock it.

Auto Restart

Power cuts can be a major problem in many areas. Washing machine manufacturers understand this issue and have thus introduced the Auto-Restart option in almost all models. This feature allows the machine to restart functioning from where it stopped during the power cut. Thus, you save power, time, and labor.

Depending on the washing machine model you choose, you get different features with different names. It is advisable to check out the features discussed here before you purchase your top-loading fully-automatic washing machine.

These machines are available online on ecommerce websites like Amazon. You have an exciting range of models like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Bosch, IFB, and so on. Depending on your preferences, you can select the model you want for your home.

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