One has to accept that the lockdown has changed the way people look at life today. You have concepts like work from home, gaining prominence.

When you can work from home, you can also exercise from home. There is no need to go to a gym to exercise and maintain your waistline and overall health.

You can invest in a treadmill and get your regular dose of exercise. Besides, your entire family can use the device to attain decent fitness levels.

Buying a treadmill in India is not so easy because you have a lot of options available. These options can confuse you into making the wrong decision.

This article discusses every aspect that you should concentrate on when investing in a treadmill. Before that, here are some of the best user-friendly treadmills available on the Indian market scene.

1. MAXPRO PTM405 2HP – Folding Treadmill

Treadmills are heavy equipment that can occupy a lot of space. MAXPRO makes it comfortable by introducing a folding treadmill model, PTM405, that saves space and has a sturdy frame to prove reliable.

The sturdy frame features a hydraulic system that enables easy folding and unfolding every time you use the machine. Moving the heavy appliance around is also easy because of the in-built transportation wheels.

One of the strongest aspects of this exercising machine is its powerful yet silent motor. It comes with an excellent muting option that does not allow the motor sound to disturb you while exercising.

The exercising platform has a shock-absorbing design to facilitate smooth functioning. Thus, this treadmill delivers excellent performances while conserving energy simultaneously.

Exercising should no longer be boring because this treadmill features an AUX input to allow you to enjoy your favorite music from your iPhone or MP3 player. You can also connect a USB pen drive loaded with your playlists and have a great time.

The adjustable incline feature has three manual incline settings to help burn more calories. Thus, you can build more muscle and enhance your endurance levels.

This treadmill features 12 pre-set programs for efficient workouts. It also offers the H1-H3 programs and a hand-held Pulse Stay function to monitor your heart rate throughout your workouts.

2. PowerMax Fitness TD-M1 2HP Pre-Installed Motorized Treadmill

This motorized treadmill is a smart appliance as you can sync and control it using a mobile app, FitShow, available on Google Play and AppStore.

This unit comes equipped with a 2.0 HP HiTorque DC motor that allows you to jog with a top speed of up to 14 kmph. The sterling feature of this machine is its compatibility with your smartphone to enable easy monitoring.

The shockproof running surface provides ample space for you to provide a capacious running environment.

The Console function provides info about time, speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burnt during your workouts. Bluetooth allows you to connect your smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Besides, it features an MP3 and Aux Input to allow you to listen to your favorite music as you exercise.

The 7-layer diamond running belt provides the ideal comfort when you exercise. It can bear weights up to 100 Kg comfortably. Hence, it should be ideal for your entire family. This running board is any day better than traditional spring shock absorption as it effectively decreases the impact on the knees during running.

The hydraulic Soft-Drop system enables you to fold the machines and store them comfortably when not in use. Thus, it keeps your living space free and clear of all the clutter.

3. Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Motorized Treadmill for Home Use

Healthgenie 3911M is a lightweight and foldable treadmill that is perfect for home use and fitness enthusiasts. This machine can deliver an amazing cardio workout with excellent at-home fitness equipment.

This appliance features an LCD screen to track your necessary workout feedback, including time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse rate. The pulse sensor maintains your target heart rate and acts as a significant tool for exercising correctly and efficiently.

This machine is amongst the safest to exercise as the safety key connects you and the machine. Besides, it features an emergency stop button on the handrail to offer double protection.

This treadmill’s best feature is its running space that provides excellent room for users of all fitness levels. It can easily bear weights up to 95 Kg. This appliance comes with 12 pre-set fitness programs to cater to your every requirement.

Transporting this treadmill from one room to another is easy because of the convenient transport wheels. Thus, you can transform your home into your fitness studio.

Other key features include providing speakers that allow you to connect your smartphones and other music playing equipment. You can enjoy your music and have a great time while exercising. The iPad and mobile tablet holder helps keep your devices safe while running.

4. Cockatoo CTM-05 Steel 2HP Motorized Multifunction Treadmill

Cockatoo CTM-05 takes your fitness routines to the next level as this treadmill comes effectively designed in a sleek, stylish finish to make your workout sessions feel convenient and comfortable.

The 5-inches LED display is the highlighting feature of this fitness machine as it enables you to track your speed, time, distance, calories, pulse rate, and incline levels comfortably. The 12 pre-set workout programs make your workouts effective and keep you energetic throughout the day.

As this treadmill can carry weights up to 90 Kg, it should be an ideal home fitness machine for the average Indian family. This machine also comes designed for intense running and endurance-driven walking sessions. The 2 HP motor allows for a comfortable running/exercising speed of 0.8 to 10 kmph.

The handrail grips come equipped with heart rate sensors to help you monitor the heart rate during running time. The widened running surface and the 1.4 mm running belt adds to the convenience levels.

You can enjoy your favorite musical compositions while exercising as this machine allows you to connect your USB pen drives and smartphones.

This treadmill is portable as you can fold it and carry it with your anywhere. The two transportation wheels make it comfortable to shift from one room to the other.

5. Durafit Spark 1.25 HP DC Motorized Treadmill

Children should learn how to exercise at a young age as it initiates them into the fitness routines better. This Durafit Spark treadmill model is ideal for children as it can comfortably bear weights up to 65 Kg when running. Adults can also use this machine for walking exercises because it can support walking weights up to 95 Kg.

This home-use treadmill is ideal for retirees, people with diabetes, marathon trainers, and regular users. The exciting speed range of 1-12 Kmph allows you to organize your fitness routines accordingly. The 12 pre-set HIIT training programs and Target & Chase modes allow users to comfortably work towards their weight loss maintenance schedules.

This machine features an LED computerized screen that shows time, speed, distance, pulse rate, and calories spent by you. It comes equipped with heart rate sensors to provide an accurate real-time reading for users.

This appliance is a safe one to use because it offers a convenient running space to ensure a comfortable and stable workout experience. The easy-wheels installed at its base enables you to move the treadmill to any part of your house.

Installing this treadmill is not an issue because it comes with 95% pre-installed components. It does not take more than half an hour to install the other parts.

Buying Guide For Treadmill in India

It is critical to maintaining a decent fitness level as it plays an integral role in improving your immunity levels. Treadmills offer you convenient ways to exercise at home, whereby you can manage your weight and strengthen your cardiovascular fitness.

The positives of having a treadmill at home are that the entire family can benefit from its use.

Choosing the ideal treadmill for your home is never easy because you have various options before you. Besides, each family member has diverse fitness requirements and exercising routines.

This article dwells on all aspects of your treadmill, right from making the correct decision to maintaining your machine. We shall also look at the precautions you should take to avoid avoidable mishaps. Before we start discussing each aspect, here are some quick tips that could help you make up your mind faster.

  • Research well and educate yourself about the various aspects of a treadmill and its operations.
  • You can visit eCommerce websites like Amazon and look at some of the best models on display. We have discussed some of them above.
  • It is always advisable to visit a physical store selling such equipment and try out your treadmill. It gives you a feel of what to expect when you start using the machine at home.
  • Check out the weight of the members using the treadmill and scout accordingly. It is better to have a cushion of around 25%.

Here are some pros and cons of a treadmill that you should know before purchasing one for your home.

Pros of using treadmills for exercise

  • The treadmill is one of the easiest exercising equipment to use.
  • The inclines on a treadmill allow you to set difficulty levels, such as running uphill/downhill.
  • The pre-set programs available on these machines cater to almost all fitness requirements.
  • All family members, including women, children, and older adults, can use it to remain fit.
  • Some of the best machines feature additional options like step counters and heart rate monitors to track fitness levels.
  • You can burn calories faster when working out on a treadmill compared to other home exercises like biking.
  • You can enjoy your favorite music compositions or watch your desired TV programs/movies when exercising on these appliances.

Cons of using treadmills

  • Budget-wise, treadmills are expensive, but they are useful in the long run.
  • Though the running platform is comfortable to use, the cushioned surface can impact your back and stress your ankle, knee, and hip joints. Therefore, one has to learn how to use the machine properly.
  • Treadmills can occupy a lot of space. However, you have foldable machines today that can prove useful in this regard.
  • Some treadmills have loud motors, whereas the top-end models come with mute functions to eliminate the motor noise.
  • Other than walking and running exercises, treadmills do not offer other exercise modes.

Here are the features you should concentrate on when purchasing treadmills in India.

The Brand Name is crucial.

Treadmills can be expensive. Hence, it is advisable to opt for machines that last longer and provide higher satisfaction levels. Therefore, it makes sense to look out for reputed brands.

We have discussed some of the top brands available on the Indian market to make it easier for you.

Manual or Electronic – Check out the operation mode

An electronic treadmill features an electric motor to do all the work, whereas you have to do it manually in the manual machine. If you have the experience of exercising on a treadmill in a gym, it probably was an electronic machine.

Compared to the electronic models, manual machines are less expensive. However, electronic treadmills have better features and offer greater convenience. Therefore, it is ideal to go for the electronic model.

The Running Area

Though treadmills come with spacious exercising platforms, you should concentrate on the running area available for use on the treadmill. It is ideal to have as large an area as possible.

A large area allows for convenient exercising without tripping over the sides. The ideal deck dimensions should be around 45 to 60 inches long and around 16 to 20 inches wide.

The Belt

Treadmills come equipped with belts that prevent you from falling over when exercising. These belts have adjustable dimensions. The ideal appliance is one where the belt length is long enough to use the entire deck comfortably.

Treadmill Motor and HP

The best aspect of having a treadmill at home is that all family members can use it for their exercise routines. When you have multiple people using the equipment, there can be weight issues. Some people can be heavier than others. Hence, you need a powerful treadmill motor with a decent HP level.

However, the HP ratings advertised by the manufacturer can be confusing. There are two types of ratings, peak duty ratings, and continuous duty ratings. Peak duty ratings do not have much value, and they are generally twice that of continuous duty ratings.

You should concentrate on the continuous duty ratings and look for machines that come with motors having 1.5 to 2.5 HP.

The weight-bearing capacity

The ideal weight that a machine with a 1.5 to 2.5 HP motor can bear would be around 90 to 110 Kg. However, these are weights that the machine can bear when you do walking exercises. If you use it for running exercises, you should have an ideal cushion of around 25%.

Therefore, if you weigh around 80Kg, you should opt for a treadmill to support up to 100 Kg or more.


Treadmills can be noisy exercising equipment. Therefore, it can be a challenge to use this machine in your drawing-room and watch TV while exercising on it.

However, the latest models come with a muting feature that allows you to mute the motor sound. Such features are not available on the lower-priced machines.

Space Occupation

Treadmills occupy a lot of space. Hence, you should be careful about this aspect when purchasing the ideal machine for your home. The heartening aspect is that these machines are now available with folding options.

Such appliances have hydraulic arrangements making it easy to fold them and keep them beneath your furniture or staircases. Thus, you save space.


Treadmills come with sturdy wheels that allow you to move the machine between different rooms in your home. It allows you the convenience to shift the treadmill wherever you want without any discomfort.

Incline – Manual or Automatic

A treadmill is an adaptable piece of equipment. You can adjust the difficulty levels accordingly to increase the strength of the workout. One way of increasing workout intensity is to increase the speed of the running platform. Alternatively, you can increase the incline.

You can increase the incline in two ways, manually and automatically. The lower-priced treadmills come with a manual incline feature where you have to adjust the inclination angle by operating the knobs provided at the bottom.

Some machines offer automatic inclination that allows you to change the angle using push buttons.

The automatic inclination feature is preferable from a user’s perspective because it does not involve manual interventions. In the manual incline case, you have to step down from the machine before adjusting the angle.


It is imperative to check out the machine’s stability before you purchase it. The ideal way is to try out the machine in a showroom before ordering it online. The running deck should be stable and not wobble as you walk on it.

The running floor should be comfortable but not spongy as you could injure your knees. The handrails are critical components because they should be strong to support your weight.

Pre-set options and Pre-built programs

Every person has his/her exercising routines. The treadmill allows you to alter the necessary settings to suit your demands.

However, these machines also come with pre-set options and pre-programmed routes. They can spare you the trouble of changing the settings every time you use the appliance.

Heart Rate tracking and other features

Though treadmills are exercising equipment, the modern machines come with additional features like pulse rate and heart rate tracker, speed calculation, measure calories burnt, and estimate the BMI.

Some of the latest machines also feature a step counter to determine the number of steps you have walked on them.

However, one should not look too much into these figures because there is no guarantee about their genuineness. The accuracy is always questionable. It is possible to measure your pulse using this machine easily, but the other statistics require specialized equipment. Nevertheless, you get a fair idea of your vital statistics to help you set the exercising pace.

Safety Key

The safety key mechanism allows the current flow and enables the machine to function. Technically, you can use the machine without the safety, but it is not a good idea. The modern-day machines are not available without a safety key.


The modern treadmills come with automatic display units to indicate your exercising statistics like the speed of the workout, distance covered, time taken, pulse rate, heart rate, calories burned, etc. These panels include LCD or LED, depending on the individual machine.

Maximum Speed

The treadmill can operate at different speeds, starting from as low as 0.8 kmph and up to 20 Kmph. The faster the machine’s speed, the more intense the workout is. However, you should be careful when setting the machine’s speed. You could fall and suffer from injuries.


Your exercising routines should not be boring. Hence, treadmill manufacturers include special features that allow you to listen to your favorite music while working out.

Some machines are compatible with Bluetooth, whereas almost all of them feature AUX connectivity ports to let you connect your smartphones, USB pen drives, and even MP3 players. The latest machines feature special holders to place your smartphones or iPads.

Power Backup

Treadmills run on electricity. Hence, they stop when there is a power outage. However, one should not worry when the power supply goes off during a workout. The machine does not stop abruptly. It slows down gradually, whereby you can descend safely after it stops.

Today, you can connect your treadmill to your home inverter system or UPS. It assures that the machine does not stop abruptly during a workout.


Treadmills have movable parts. Hence, they require proper lubrication to function smoothly. Therefore, maintaining your machine is crucial. You can lubricate the rollers with lubricating oils. The top-end machines are available with auto-lubricating features. Hence, you do not worry about such machines.

Power Consumption

Treadmills consume a lot of power, depending on your usage patterns. The average consumption is around 600 to 700W.

The Returns Policy

Before purchasing your treadmill online, you should check the returns policy of the eCommerce retailer. Some products come with a ten-day replacement program, whereas some eCommerce retailers have made the treadmill category non-returnable. Hence, it is essential to research properly before purchasing your treadmill.


The budget is a crucial one because treadmills can be expensive. The higher the pricing, the more advanced the features are. However, a decent treadmill can cost anywhere in the range of Rs 25K.


The treadmill has many components, each of which comes with separate warranties. Generally, manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame. The deck and other components come with a three-year warranty. However, it depends on the manufacturer. The higher the warranty, the better is the overall performance.

Customer Service and Support

We had advised you to research the treadmill properly. One of the key factors that assume great significance is customer support and service. Generally, these treadmills come with 90% installed components.

The manufacturers provide online instructions through videos or otherwise to help you install the machine at home. However, you should check out the customer service and support beforehand and be prepared to handle any emergency.

We have discussed almost all the features you should expect your treadmill machine to have. We now proceed with discussing the safety measures to take when using the machine.

Precautions when using a treadmill exercising machine

Many people make the simple mistake of taking the treadmill lightly. Though it is easy equipment to use, you should exercise sufficient care when using it. Running on the ground is different from running on these machines. If you fall heavily, you can injure yourself badly. However, treadmills come with various safety measures that help you to attach yourself to the machine. You can also stop the machine if you do not feel balanced enough.

The following tips should help you greatly in this regard.

  • One should never step on/off a treadmill that is in motion. You could lose your balance and fall.
  • Many people have a bad habit of multitasking when working out on a treadmill. It is one thing to listen to music and another to speak on the phone when exercising. You could lose concentration and fall heavily.
  • It is advisable to start at slow speeds and get used to the machine before increasing the speed.
  • One should always look forward when working out on the treadmill.
  • You can use the handrails for support. However, it puts additional strain on your elbows and shoulders. As you gain experience, you can leave the handrails and exercise comfortably.
  • Before using the machine, you should be aware of how to stop the machine in an emergency. It is advisable to know where the emergency buttons are.

As we have discussed all features connected with treadmills, you should not have difficulty selecting the right machine for your home.

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