“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” It is an oft-repeated statement but has a tremendous significance. No one would like their homes to look dirty. Hence, investing in a vacuum cleaner should not be a big deal.

Almost every home has one, if not more. People who do not have these appliances at home should get one immediately. The buying guide that follows in this article should help you choose the perfect one for your home and requirements.

As there are various types of vacuum cleaners available on the market, it is better to know these appliances’ features. Here are some of the best-selling vacuum cleaners available in India today.

1. Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 – Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The utility of any vacuum cleaner is in its sucking power. The Philips PowerPro model comes out trumps in this category as it displays higher suction power with PowerCyclone 5 technology. The futuristic design puts the dirt in its place and controls it even when emptying.

PowerCyclone 5 technology uses a powerful swirling cyclonic action to separate dust from the air it sucks. It maximizes airflow to deliver remarkable results. The 1900W powerful motor plays its role to perfection by generating strong suction power.

This household appliance comes equipped with an Allergy H13 filter that captures 99.9% of the smallest of dust particles, including pollen, pet hair, dust mites, and other allergens, to deliver a higher hygiene level.

This device features a host of accessories like an integrated soft brush to use on brittle surfaces, a turbo brush nozzle that works perfectly on carpets, and a spacious dustbin, designed for hygienic removal of dust while minimizing dust clouds.

The Activelock coupling feature adjusts to different tasks accordingly. This machine is the ideal one to clean all floors, wooden, tiled, and even carpeted. Hence, it is an indispensable part of every Indian home.

2. Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum


A vacuum cleaner is an excellent household appliance that has provided its utility time and again. However, there is a significant drawback with traditional cleaning devices. The power cords are disturbing and restrict their mobility. Hence, the Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum comes as a breath of fresh air.

The Dyson V7 Animal is a versatile appliance as you can remove the extension rod and use it as a handheld cleaning device to clean the mess created by your child on the floors and dining tables. The extension rod helps you to stand upright when cleaning, thereby preventing backaches. It is also useful for cleaning hard-to-reach places like the ceiling crevices.

The powerful suction ability tackles all kinds of dust, pet hair, and other allergens to thoroughly clean your floors. You can use the handheld model to clean your sofas and other upholstery. This powerful vacuum cleaner is the ideal one for cleaning floors and carpets. The direct-drive cleaner head removes dirt from the ground and carpets.

The robust motor spins 110 thousand revolutions per minute to deliver up to 110 AW for powerful suction. The 2-tier radial cyclones generate powerful g-forces to fling the dust into the bin. This appliance comes equipped with a post-motor filter to capture 99.97% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Other features include a redesigned battery, a convenient docking system, and a hygienic dirt ejector to enhance the convenience quotient.

3. Eureka Forbes Quick-Clean DX 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes is amongst the first Indian vacuum cleaner brands to be available in India. The machine has come a long way from the bulky appliances that we had in our home during my childhood days. Today, it looks sleek and light and does a damn good job, as well.

Though it looks like a small device, it comes equipped with a powerful 1200W motor capable of doing deep cleaning jobs with absolute ease. The powerful suction mechanism can remove the dust particles embedded inside your upholstery with the greatest of comfort.

The striking aspect of this household companion is that it helps clean every corner of your room thoroughly. The appliance features a small dust bag to collect the dirt sucked by the machine. It comes with a smart indicator to alert you that the dust bag is full. Therefore, you need not open the machine to check the dust accumulation status. It also helps to clean the unit on time.

This appliance features an in-built storage space to store the cord inside the unit, thereby protecting it from getting damaged. One press of a button sends the cord scurrying back into the protective space. It also enables comfortable storage of the machine without contending with wires dangling all over the place.

Some of the other benefits include a range of cleaning attachments. It also comes with three swivel wheels for flexible mobility. You can park this appliance horizontally and vertically. Hence, it proves its versatility and multiple utilities.

4. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner


The general concept is that a vacuum cleaner is an excellent appliance for dry cleaning the house. However, the reality is something else. Some present-day models like the Karcher WD 3 Multipurpose vacuum cleaner are a wet and dry vacuum cleaner capable of efficiently mopping.

You must have seen these devices in hospitals, hotels, dormitories, etc., where the floors require frequent mopping because of excessive liquid spillages. This Karcher WD 3 can be an excellent appliance in your home, especially if you have children messing up the floors and carpets frequently.

This multipurpose vacuum cleaner comprises a robust and impact-resistant plastic container with a 17L capacity. The cartridge filter serves a dual purpose of wet and dry cleaning without replacing the filters. It comes with an innovative suction hose and a clipped floor nozzle with a mixed insert to ensure optimal dirt pick-up and ensure proper cleanliness.

This flexible and versatile household appliance uses the practical blower function to remove dirt where the vacuuming function is impossible. The removable components of this device make it convenient to park the equipment when not in use. It features adequate space for storing the cables and other accessories.

The Pull and Push locking system is one of its highlighting features. Other excellent features include an ergonomically-shaped carrying handle for easy vacuuming, even in confined spaces.

5. Prestige Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Typhoon


If you search for a compact-looking vacuum cleaner for all kinds of cleaning, the Prestige Wet & Dry Typhoon fits the bill perfectly. Its multiple features allow cleaning of floors, wet and dry. The blower function proves helpful to reach hard-to-clean areas.

The advanced HEPA filter traps fine dust, whereas the 1200W motor helps eliminate the toughest dirt from floors, carpets, and upholstery within no time. This filter proves to be a barrier preventing the motor from getting clogged with dust. It results in a trouble-free performance.

This compact vacuum cleaning appliance comes equipped with a 10L dust case to let you clean large areas without feeling the need to empty the bin repeatedly. As a result, you get an uninterrupted performance.

The most useful feature of any vacuum cleaner is its mobility factor. This device has 360-degree swivel wheels that make it comfortable for you to drag the unit anywhere in the house.

This appliance has a unique feature in Auto Cut Float, where the suction nozzle rises to cut the airflow to the motor when it exceeds the dust barrel’s capacity to hold water. This protective feature prevents damages caused to the motor due to overflow.

6. Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Wet plus Dry Micro WD10 – Yellow/Black

In the olden days, the vacuum cleaner used to be an ineffective appliance when cleaning wet debris like food spillages, vomit, etc. Today, you have excellent devices that cater to this limitation beautifully by cleaning both dry and wet floors with equal ease.

Inalsa Wet and Dry Micro D10 is one such cleaning appliance that performs admirably, irrespective of whether it has to clean dry or wet areas. The advantage of using such a multipurpose device is that you do not have to change filters during the operation. You can take out the cloth dust filter and use the sponge when sucking liquids.

This appliance features a power blower feature to blow the dust out of areas that are, otherwise, hard to reach for a regular vacuum cleaner. The 10L dust-holding capacity is an excellent feature to have.

The cleaner’s motor deliver’s 14KPA suction power to ensure convenient long-term operation. The impact-resistant polymer tank enhances the durability aspect to the next level.

This vacuum cleaning device features safe buoy technology that stops sucking water when its liquid holding capacity reaches a critical point, preventing the machine from damage.

Four 360-degree rotating wheels enhance this household appliance’s flexibility and mobility levels. The compact size makes it comfortable to transport it from one room to the other. Four different cleaning tools for catering to different types of dust make it a versatile piece of equipment to have in the house.

7. Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are getting sophisticated by the day. The robotic vacuum cleaners have revolutionized the industry by eliminating almost all the drawbacks associated with conventional devices.

Ecovacs Deebot 500 does not require you to vacuum clean the area manually. You can set the program, switch on the timer, and silently let the machine do its job. The additional advantage is that it does not make noise and reaches impossible places like beneath your furniture, etc.

The three-stage cleaning system involves using the side brushes, the main brush, and vacuum to deliver a spotlessly clean floor. The Max Mode features double suction power to get your home rid of the dust for a special occasion.

Some of this robot’s stellar features include the smart protection design to prevent collision with household obstacles, the high-efficiency filter to reduce airborne triggers, and the almost silent operation to prevent any disturbance to your family.

The automatic charging feature ensures that the machine comes to the docking station on its own when the battery level crosses the threshold level.

This appliance has a large dustbin capable of holding up to 520ml comfortably. The Amazon Alexa compatibility allows you to take wireless control of its operations, wherever you are. The Ecovacs Home App Control app allows you to schedule and monitors your cleaning jobs from almost anywhere.

Points to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner for your home

The question to ask is, “Do you need a vacuum cleaner for your home?” The answer should be an emphatic YES. You have to look around yourself and see the amount of duct collected on the windowpanes, fan blades, computer keyboards, TV screens, etc. It will give you a fair idea of the amount of dust you inhale day in and day out.

A vacuum cleaner will not guarantee that you will breathe clean air, but it will certainly reduce the dust floating around in your house.

Everyone who does not have a vacuum cleaner should read this buying guide to understand its significance in their homes. People who have vacuum cleaners should also go through these paragraphs to upgrade their machines to ensure better performance.

Before discussing the points to look for in a vacuum cleaner, we shall describe the different types of vacuum cleaners available on the Indian market.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

These are common appliances that you see in almost every home. These machines work on the conventional vacuuming principle that sucks the dust and stores it in the appliance’s storage container. The storage cylinder features a suction nozzle that connects to the hosepipe.

The dust gets sucked into the container through this pipe. This appliance has a blower nozzle through which you can blow air to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas.

This arrangement has several benefits as it comes with different attachments to cater to various uses. It is possible to clear staircases, upholstery, ceiling fans, etc., comfortably using this machine. As it comes with wheels, you can drag it anywhere you want. The drawbacks are that these appliances are bulky and difficult to store.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The handheld vacuum cleaners have an advantage over the canister vacuum cleaners because of their additional flexibility. These are light models that you can carry with you anywhere. These models come with extension rods to help reach high places like ceilings, fans, shelves, etc.

You can remove the extension rods and use them to clean car interiors and other areas that a canister vacuum cleaner would find it challenging to reach.

The drawback is that these appliances do not feature storage bags for collecting dust particles. The latest models come with battery operated features. Thus, you do not have to contend with entangled wires.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaning is a back-breaking job because you have to bend frequently. The upright vacuum cleaners do not involve much bending. It is an ideal machine to clean large halls and open carpeted areas.

The nozzle head is located close to the floor/carpet to make it convenient for the user. The foot-operated pedal allows you to change directions while cleaning. No other machine can clean floors as efficiently as these devices.

The drawback of such machines is their weight. It affects mobility a lot. Besides, these appliances are not the ideal ones to clean areas under your furniture and beds. It is also not possible to clean ceiling fans and curtains using these vacuum cleaners.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

These machines are lightweight and can reach areas where the upright vacuum cleaners cannot. You can clean ceiling fans and beneath your sofas/beds comfortably using the stick vacuum cleaning machines. As they run on batteries, you do not have to worry about the entangling of power cords. The adjustable handle makes it a versatile piece of equipment to have in your home.

These appliances do not have a large container for accumulating dust. Hence, they require frequent emptying. Besides, they are not the ideal machines for cleaning carpets and floors.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum cleaners we have discussed up to now are dry vacuum cleaners. They are not the ideal machines for removing liquid spills and mopping the floors. You need a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and mop the floors simultaneously.

These machines come with two storage containers, one for accumulating dirt and the other for use as a water tank to supply water for mopping the floors.

Compared to the conventional vacuum cleaners, these appliances are heavy. They are also expensive. Generally, you find such machines in commercial establishments like schools, hospitals, factories, restaurants, etc.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaning machine has become popular globally. It comes with various advantages as they can clean your house even in your absence. These machines can chart their route through your home and avoid obstacles on the way using advanced sensors.

They work on batteries and can return to their docking station on their own when the battery level dips below the threshold. On recharging, they continue from where they had left off.

These machines can reach out to all corners of the room and even sneak below your sofas and beds comfortably. The disadvantage of these robotic devices is that they cannot climb stairs on their own. They cannot handle large piles of dust. Besides, these appliances are the most expensive of the lot.

Features to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner

We have discussed six different types of vacuum cleaners. Each of these machines has its merits and demerits. Depending on your requirements, you can select the one you need. We now proceed with looking at the features to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner – Bag or bag-less cleaners

Generally, vacuum cleaners feature dust bags for collecting the dust. The canister-type vacuum cleaners come with a bag inside the container, whereas the upright vacuum cleaners feature a disposable bag/reusable bin. The latest machines come with timely alerts to let you know that the bag is nearing its full capacity. In the older machines, you had to open the container to check whether the bags are full.

Filtration Systems

The present-day vacuum cleaning machines feature HEPA filters that can eliminate the minutest dust particles, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens to improve the quality of the air we breathe. Generally, it is available as a glass fiber arranged in a mesh to trap dust particles. Some models come with cloth filters and even activated carbon filters.


Vacuum cleaners come with multiple accessories to clean different surfaces. For example, floor cleaning and carpet/upholstery cleaning require different types of brushes. Similarly, you need small brushes to reach out to spaces inside your shelves.

You need special brushes to remove dust from ceiling fans. Cobwebs require special attachments to remove. Similarly, you need small brushes to clean computer and laptop keyboards. Thus, you see that a vacuum cleaner comes with different accessories to suit your requirements.

Handling and Accessibility

It is better to check out whether your vacuum cleaner is easy to handle. The canister models and the wet/dry cleaners are heavy equipment. However, the handheld vacuum cleaners are light and easy to carry. The robotic vacuum cleaners are the best because they do not require any manual intervention. Handheld or stick models do not have power cords and are convenient for cleaning car interiors and upholstery.

If you opt for the canister model or the upright model, you should ensure easy maneuverability. These models come equipped with 360-degree revolving wheels that enable you to move them in any direction.

Noise Levels

All types of vacuum cleaners except the robotic models produce noise. The ideal noise levels for such a device should be in the range of 72 to 80db. Anything more than that should classify as noisy.

Energy Efficiency

The conventional vacuum cleaners need electricity for their functioning, whereas the cordless machines use rechargeable batteries. These machines can run for around 30 minutes on a full charge. The recharging time should be around three to four hours. You should check out these features before you decide which appliance to purchase.


Your budget plays a critical role in selecting the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home. The robotic vacuum cleaners are the most expensive of the lot. The canister vacuum cleaners and handheld devices cost the least. If you know your budget in advance, it can help you save time when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.


This table can help you select the ideal vacuum cleaner, depending on your usage patterns.

Usage Type of Vacuum Cleaner recommended
General cleaning of floors, carpets, mats Canister, Robotic, or upright
Cleaning bathrooms and areas having liquid spillages. Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner
Cleaning upholstery and beds Handheld or stick vacuum cleaner
Cleaning ceiling fans and hard-to-reach places Stick vacuum cleaners or the handheld cleaners with the extension rod
Car interiors Handheld vacuum cleaner
Cleaning laptops, computer keyboards, and electronic items Handheld vacuum cleaner
If you have children, asthmatic patients, or pets in the home HEPA filter equipped vacuum cleaner

We have discussed all aspects concerning vacuum cleaners. It should not prove difficult for you to select the ideal machine to suit your cleaning needs. Every Indian home should have one, as this appliance helps you maintain the highest cleanliness levels in your homes. You play your role to perfection in protecting the environment from pollution.

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