A hot water bath is always welcome, irrespective of the season and the place where you are. It refreshes you as nothing else can. A hot water bath can set the tone for your day.

Similarly, you get peaceful sleep when you have a hot water bath just before you retire for the night. Thus, a water heater is an indispensable bathroom appliance found in almost every home.

If you do not have one at you, it is high time you bought one. Are you confused by the features of the innumerable water heater models available on the market?

You need not be because we present the ultimate buying guide to help you make the ideal choice. Meanwhile, looking at some excellent water heater models will help you understand the features to look for in such appliances.

1. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15L Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj water heaters are available in a range of capacities. This 15L storage geyser allows you to enjoy a soothing hot water shower whenever you want.

If you live in a high-rise apartment, this Bajaj geyser is the best one for you as it can withstand water pressure up to 8.0 kg/cm2. The 15L storage tank ensures that your entire family gets their hot water quota comfortably.

The inner tank comes equipped with a Titanium Armor coating to prevent corrosion and rusting. It enhances the durability quotient. Similarly, the external body is made of single weld sheet metal that prevents rusting. Thus, you have a water heater that lasts long.

This geyser works on Swirl Flow technology that ensures 20% quicker heating. Thus, you save power in the long run. This water heater comes with a 4-star BEE rating and hence qualifies as an energy-efficient appliance.

This bathroom appliance features multiple safety systems to protect against dry heating, over-pressure, and overheating on the safety front. These features protect the device from damage and your family from avoidable accidents.

Other features include an adjustable thermostat, magnesium anode, and a vertical heating element. This geyser consumes 2000 watts of power.

2. Crompton Arno Neo ASHW-3015 15-litres 5-Star Rated Storage Water heater

The advantage of storage water heaters is that they can maintain the water temperature for a considerable period. You can still enjoy a hot water shower, even when there is no power. It is not the case with instant heaters.

This Crompton water heater provides not only hot water whenever you need it but also displays high levels of energy efficiency.

This geyser features a durable tank that is perfectly insulated to keep the interiors warm. The thermostat’s presence ensures that the water does not get overheated to cause permanent damage to the appliance. It controls the water temperature to make it ideal for having a hot water shower.

Crompton water heaters are available with different star ratings ranging from 3-star to 5-star. This specific model is a 5-star model, and hence, costs more than its 3-star counterpart.

These water heaters feature a nano polymer coated tank that does not hot from the outside. Thus, they provide better heating efficiency. This appliance is ideal for use in high rise buildings.

It delivers optimal performances even with hard water. The Crompton water heater consumes 2000 watts of power.

3. AO Smith SDS-Green Series-015 Storage 15L Vertical Water heater

AO Smith water heaters are renowned globally for their excellent performances while saving electricity at the same time. Besides, these geysers are not impressive from the exterior appearance alone.

The strong heavy gauge alloy steel tanks are 23% stronger than their stainless-steel or copper counterparts. The Blue Diamond Glass-Lining technology provides excellent resistance to corrosion, thereby enhancing the tank’s lifespan.

The glass-coated fold-back heating element ensures uniform heating as it fits the tank shape perfectly. This geyser is way ahead of the others because of the energy-efficient PUF Injection technology on the power savings front.

This technology ensures uniform and high-density foam distribution. As there are no gaps between the tank and the insulation, there is no energy loss.

This geyser comes equipped with a unique inlet water diffuser system that breaks the incoming water jet into small streams and changes the vertical to horizontal flow. Thus, it enhances the machine’s efficiency.

The long-lasting anode rod works in different water conditions to protect the tank and heating element from corrosion. Other features include the thermostat that helps set the water temperature and makes the heating element non-operational after reaching the set temperature.

While capable of withstanding pressure up to eight bars, this water heater consumes 2000 watts of electricity.

4. Crompton Solarium Qube 15L, 2KW, 5-Star Storage Water Heater

The Crompton Solarium Qube enhances the attraction quotient in your bathroom but is a heavyweight performer. Besides, it is a 5-star-rated energy-efficient device that reduces your electricity bills drastically.

The Solarium Qube geyser features a high-quality 1200 gm superior heating element capable of heating water to 45 degrees Celsius within ten minutes. This water heater can withstand extreme pressure up to eight bars. Thus, it is perfectly suited for use in high rise apartments.

This water heater comes equipped with a smart design with a standby cut-off to ensure energy savings. The Crompton Solarium Qube features a superior thermostat that prevents overheating of water by cutting off the electric supply and water supply on reaching the desired temperature.

The superior polymer coating on the water tanks protects them from corrosion. Thus, these tanks do not rust and last long. This water heater has a rustproof body from the exterior. Besides being corrosion-proof, the exteriors of this geyser offer toughness and high heat resistance.

This energy-efficient water heater consumes 2000 watts of energy.

5. V-Guard Victo 15L Water Geyser

V-Guard water heater delivers an incredible performance while displaying elegant style to enhance your bathroom ambiance. It has a cylindrical shape with a convenient temperature control knob that helps you to regulate the temperature. Thus, you enjoy a hot water bathing experience in the way you like.

As this knob is located on the front side of the geyser, it enhances the operating efficiency. This bathroom appliance’s outer body is made of high-quality mild steel with anti-corrosion powder coating to improve its longevity, even in the humid bathroom environment.

The inner tank is made of thick-gauge steel using single-line welding technology to prevent leakages. It features a superior glass-lined coating to safeguard it from corrosion and the adverse effects of hard water. Thus, your water heater lasts long.

The four-layered safety system makes this geyser one of the safest appliances in its category. The Hi-tech thermostat and thermal cut-out mechanism avoid overheating by switching off the power on reaching the set temperature.

This appliance features a multifunctional valve to ensure optimum pressure control. The Magnesium sacrificial anode protects the inner tank from corrosion.

This 15L water heater is the ideal one to have in your bathroom and provide your family with hot water whenever they need it the most.

Buying Guide For Best water Heater in India

Selecting the ideal water heater for your home can be confusing because you have many products available on the market. Each manufacturer extols the virtues of their specific brands while downplaying the others. It can cloud your opinion and make it challenging to choose the perfect geyser for your bathroom.

This buying guide discusses the working of an electric geyser and concentrates on the aspects to look for when purchasing the ideal water heater for your home.

The Working of the Water Heater

The geyser has three primary components, the thermostat, the heating element, and the water tank.

Each of these water heater components has a specific role to play. The working of each of these constituents is explained herewith.

The Thermostat

The thermostat is a crucial aspect of the geyser. It decides when to start or stop the heating of the water. It comprises a bimetallic strip made of steel and copper. The thermostat is a wrapper on this bimetallic strip that acts based on the bimetallic strip response.

The function of the thermostat is to prevent the water from overheating. Many people feel that the thermostat’s presence gives you a license to forget about switching off the geyser. It is not like that. The thermostat works in a specific manner.

Every geyser has an option for you to set the temperature. As you set the temperature and switch on the water heater, the appliance starts heating the water to the set temperature.

On reaching this setting, the thermostat reminds the geyser to switch off the heating. Thus, it switches off the power supply to the heating element and prevents the water from overheating.

If you fail to switch off the geyser, the water inside the storage tanks gradually loses heat, and the temperature drops below the threshold setting. Under such circumstances, the thermostat nudges the heating element to start the heating process again. This loop continues until you physically switch the geyser off.

The Heating Element

The geyser heating element is responsible for heating the water. Hence, it is the most crucial component of any water heater. Without it, the appliance is useless.

Therefore, it is advisable to check out the heating element. All the geysers discussed by us above come with high-quality water heating elements.

If you live in places where the TDS levels in water are high, the water is hard. Such water can take leave salt deposits on the heating element after continuous usage. The presence of such salt reduces the heating element’s efficiency.

The top-end geysers today feature heating elements coated with a glass lining to prevent such scaling. These heating elements last long, thereby enhancing the geyser’s lifespan.

Geyser Tank

The water heater’s storage tank assumes great significance because it stores hot water and maintains the temperature for sufficiently long periods. It is possible because these water tanks come with high-quality insulation.

Besides, these tanks need protection from corrosion. Depending on the materials used, there are two types of geyser tanks.

The stainless-steel water tanks are becoming outdated today. These tanks are suitable for storing water, but they are prone to damage from corrosion and hard water scaling. Therefore, water heater manufacturers have switched over to vitreous enamel glass-coated geyser tanks.

These tanks are stainless-steel tanks with protective polymer layers to make them resistant to corrosion. Such tanks also discourage scale formation and hence, last long.

Advisable to avoid gas geysers

The water heaters we have discussed here work on electricity. These appliances are energy efficient but consume up to 2000 watts of power or more.

Therefore, many people preferred to go for gas geysers that work on LPG. These geysers are risky to use because of LPG’s inflammable qualities.

Purchase branded water heaters

Water heaters are available in plenty in India. You might have a Bajaj brand selling at around Rs 5K, whereas a spurious unknown brand might advertise similar features at Rs 3K.

You might feel tempted to go for the cheaper one. However, it is not advisable because the cheaper geysers compromise on the quality aspect. Such appliances do not last long enough as the branded ones do. Besides, these spurious appliances are not as energy-efficient.

They also break down frequently, necessitating recurring repairs. Finally, cheap geysers do not follow the prescribed safety norms.

Therefore, you should insist on the presence of the ISI mark on the geyser. Such water heaters are reliable to use. It is ideal to opt for a 5-star rated model compared to one with lower ratings. Initially, the pricing could be higher, but you save money in the long run by savings in electricity consumption.

Different Types of water heaters

Though we have discussed storage water heaters in our article, there is another geyser type available in the instant geyser. The comparison between these two appliances should help you make the right choice.

Features Instant water heater Storage geyser
Space occupation It occupies less wall-mounting space. These appliances occupy comparatively, larger spaces.
Hot water delay Hot water starts flowing instantly when you switch the appliance on. The water inside the storage tank takes around five to ten minutes to become hot.
Convenience factor These appliances release a maximum of around six liters of water. Hence, it would help if you took breaks when taking a bath. The storage water heaters store up to the capacity. Hence, you do not have to take any breaks. They are more convenient to use.
Geyser Price These geysers are priced lower than the storage water heaters. In comparison, the storage water heaters are expensive.
Water Heating Cost As the heating is immediate, the water heating cost is less. This water heater takes more time to heat water. Hence the water heating cost is more.
Ideally suited for These machines are ideal for washing utensils and freshening up. These appliances are ideal for bathing and hot water showering.
Availability in size You get instant water heaters in capacities, 1, 3, 6, and 10 liters. Storage geysers are available in different capacities ranging from six to 35 liters.
Life Span They have a longer lifespan because there is no storage tank. The storage tank and corrosion factor are the reasons for the lower lifespan.
Safety Aspects Some of the models are not safe enough, primarily because of the absence of a thermostat. Hence, there are chances of dry heating. The thermostat makes these appliances safe to use.

Besides the instant and storage water heaters, people in India use other geysers like gas geysers, solar water heaters, and immersion rods. However, we restrict our buying guide to the storage water heaters alone.

Choose the ideal geyser size

The ideal water heater size depends on the number of people in your home, the usage patterns, and the usage purpose. This simple tabular arrangement makes it easy for you to understand the concept.

Family Size Purpose of Usage Geyser Type Recommended Size
2-3 members Bathing using buckets Instant Geyser 6L
2-3 members Bathing using buckets Storage water heater 10L to 15L
2-3 members Hot water showers Storage Geyser 25L
2-3 members Washing kitchen utensils and freshening up Instant Geyser 1L to 3L
4-8 members Bathing using buckets Instant Geyser 6L
4-8 members Bathing using buckets Storage geyser 25L
4-8 members Bathing using shower Storage water heater 25L
4-8 members Washing utensils and freshening up Instant geyser 1L to 3L

Geyser Wattage

Water heaters consume a lot of electricity. The instantaneous water heater consumes more energy than the storage geysers.

These appliances consume between 3KW to 4.5KW, whereas the storage water heating equipment use around 2KW to 2.5KW. However, the instant geysers save power because you do not have to use them for extended periods. They also save water compared to storage heaters.

Today, you get portable instant water heaters that you can carry with you anywhere you go. You can plug in the appliance, connect it to a water input line, and instantly get hot water. The immersion rod heaters also consume a lot of power.

They are handy to use, but they can be dangerous if you have children around your home. The solar and gas geysers do not consume any electricity because they work on solar power and LPG.

Geyser for Hard Water

Many places in India depend on groundwater for their water requirements. Such water contains a high proportion of salt that can form a scaly layer over the heating element and the geyser tank interiors.

It would be excellent if you opted for a geyser offering features like a vitreous enamel water tank and a glass enamel coating on the heating element under such circumstances.

Alternatively, you can use a water softener arrangement to treat hard water before it enters the appliance. Hence, there is no problem for the geyser.

Water heaters for high rise apartments

If you live in a high-rise apartment, you are better off choosing a storage water heater. The reason is that the water pressure in such apartments come at high pressure. Geysers that can handle a minimum pressure of six bars are preferable for such high-rise buildings. The instant heaters cannot handle such pressure.

The storage water heaters come equipped with pressure control valves that release the pressure if it is high. Water at high pressure can damage the geyser tank and break it. The glass-lined water tanks are capable of resisting high pressure. Hence, it is advisable to opt for such water heaters.

Geysers for kitchens

Any homemaker will certify that washing utensils with hot water allow them to get rid of grease and oil. Hence, your homemaker deserves to have such a water heating appliance in her kitchen.

Kitchens do not need storage water heaters because they take time to heat water. The instant water heater is the ideal appliance to have in kitchens as you get hot water whenever you need it.

Horizontal geysers

Storage water heaters are available in two alignments, horizontal and vertical. Generally, vertical geysers are popular because they save space in your bathroom. If space is not an issue, you can always go for the horizontal geysers.

It is also the ideal equipment to have if you have low bathroom ceilings. You can also place the horizontal water heaters in the attic above your bathroom.

Solar water heaters

India does not have issues with sunshine throughout the year. Hence, a solar water heater should be an ideal appliance if you live in an independent house/bungalow. The benefit is that these water heaters do not consume electricity.

You get a continuous supply of hot water whenever you need it. The investment is high, but it evens out over the years, as the solar geysers have a lifespan extending up to nearly 20 years or more.

Points to note when installing geysers

People make the mistake of engaging local plumbers and electricians to install water heaters. These people may be good at immediate troubleshooting but installing storage water heaters requires high levels of expertise.

All manufacturers provide installation services through authorized service personnel.

You need equipment like two steel ribbed pipes, a connection nipple, one angle valve brass, and other fittings.

Smart Geysers

With the Internet of Things gaining in prominence globally, you have the concept of smart water heaters. IoT allows you to control water heating operations from your smartphone. Some top-end models offer this facility where the geyser is compatible with a smartphone app. You can program the settings in such a way that you get hot water at a specific time.

Tips to reduce power consumption when using geysers

These tips can help you to conserve electricity when using water heaters.

  • It is always better to opt for a 4-star or 5-star water heating appliance as far as possible. These devices cost more initially but save power over their lifespan.
  • One should be aware of the standing loss concept. Geysers store hot water for extended periods. However, the water does not remain hot throughout. There is a natural loss of heat if you do not consume hot water during the period. This concept is the standing loss concept. Hence, you have geysers coming with high-quality insulation to reduce standing losses. Some equipment also comes with insulation for the water supply pipes.
  • As the geyser keeps functioning, it consumes power. The more hot water you utilize, the more is power consumption.
  • The thermostat plays a vital role in conserving power. You can set the thermostat at temperatures ranging between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. The top-end machines allow you the facility to adjust the temperature manually. The appliances at the lower end of the price band come with thermostat settings at around 60 degrees.
  • The temperature of water for bathing is different from thermostat settings. Generally, you use a mixture of hot and cold water to prepare your bath. If your house has three members, you can switch off the geyser after the second person finishes his/her bath. The third person can comfortably take a bath with the water heater switched off.
  • The input water temperature is a crucial aspect. In the winter months, the input water is sufficiently cold to discourage you from taking a cold-water bath. The geyser is indispensable under such circumstances. However, the colder the input water, the more power the heater consumes.

Safety Measures available in geysers

While water heaters are excellent equipment for heating water, they can be dangerous because these machines work on electricity. The following safety measures should prove handy.

  • It is essential to have proper wiring in the house. If the earthing is not right, there are chances of short circuits. It can affect other appliances that are connected to the home electricity network.
  • One should never touch the geyser controls with wet hands. The chances of people getting an electric shock are high.
  • Storage water heaters feature a thermostat that does not allow water to get overheated. Thus, it protects the heating element.
  • You have to be cautious when using instant water heaters because of a concept known as dry heating. It occurs when you switch on the geyser and find there is no water supply. In the absence of water supply, the heating element can get burnt. This possibility is remote in a storage water heater because it always has its tanks full of water at all times.
  • Solar water heaters are the best bet because they do not depend on electricity. They are also amongst the safest appliances to use. However, gas heaters do not offer you the same comfort levels as far as safety is concerned.

Final thoughts

This buying guide should have explained everything about water heaters to make it easy for you to choose the ideal water heating appliance for your home. You get an extensive range of incredible geysers on eCommerce websites like Amazon.

It is time you ordered one for your family to enjoy your refreshing hot water bath whenever you feel like it.

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