If you are looking for a water purifier for your home, you have to come to the right place. There are numerous amounts of water purifier technologies that the brands use to confuse the consumer.

In this Guide, we simplify all the water purification technologies, explain all the methods like RO, UV, UF in a simple and easy to understand manner.

You have to select the water purifier according to the TDS levels in your water source. Before we proceed to the buying guide, check out the below list of Best models.

Best Water Purifiers in India  For Home

1. Kent Supreme 2020

Kent Supreme Mineral ROTM water purifier uses Mineral RO technology and comes equipped with an inbuilt TDS control system. Thus, it purifies water and also retains the essential minerals for maintaining good health.

This model is ideal for use for purifying brackish/tap water and municipal water supply.

The appliance uses a multiple purification process comprising of RO, UF, and TDS Control to make the drinking water pure for consumption. Besides removing TDS, heavy metal impurities, and bacteria, it enhances the water taste by replenishing the essential minerals lost during the purification process.

Kent has a unique design where the storage tank comes equipped with a UV lamp to disinfect water before dispensing it. Thus, your water remains pure for drinking for extended periods.

Generally, RO water purifiers waste a lot of water during the purification process. Kent water purifiers feature advanced Save Water Technology that provides high water recovery. It reuses the water that is otherwise wasted in conventional RO water purification technology.

This water purifier comes with a high storage capacity of eight liters, whereby you never run short of purified water at any time. The eight-liter storage capacity ensures that you get pure water even when there is no electricity.

This advanced appliance features a water level indicator in the storage tank to enable you to keep track of the purified water available in it. This aesthetically designed wall mounting water purifying appliance is corrosion-proof ABS material to ensure that it lasts long.


  • Multiple water purification process to enhance water purity
  • Adequate storage capacity
  • UV disinfection available in the storage tank to prevent water from getting reinfected


  • Changing of RO filters every two years increases maintenance costs.
  • It requires the installation of an additional water tank to save the wastewater.

2. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver

All RO water purifiers waste a lot of water during the purification process. Hence, manufactures have introduced different technologies to save water wastage. HUL Pureit comes with a unique water saver technology that endeavors to reduce wastage to the minimum.

The Eco Recovery Technology ensures quality purification of water with minimal water wastage to less than one glass for every glass of water purified. It results in saving up to 80 glasses daily.

The general conception is that RO water purifiers waste nearly two and a half glasses of water for purifying one glass.

HUL Pureit water purifiers employ mineral enrichment technology to provide 100% safe drinking water by eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria from the water source.

The technology enriches the RO purified water with essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium, which otherwise get lost during the Reverse Osmosis water purification process.

This water purifier uses an advanced seven-stage water purification process that includes RO, UV, and MF. Thus, it eliminates TDS and heavy minerals besides getting rid of bacteria and viruses.

The 10L storage tank stores enough water to cater to the needs of the entire family. This appliance is one of the most secure to use because of the advanced alert system.

This technology warns you about a fortnight before the expiry of the Germkill kit. Thus, you have sufficient time to arrange for a replacement. On the equipment’s expiry, the machine stops functioning to ensure that you never get any unpurified water at any time.


  • Advanced water purification process to provide high-quality pure water
  • Does not waste more than a liter of water for every liter of water purified
  • A large storage capacity of 10L should prove to be more than adequate for your family’s requirements


  • No water level indicator to let you know of the amount of water in the tank
  • Available in only one color
  • Maintenance costs can be prohibitive because you need to change RO and other filters at regular intervals.

3. Aquaguard Aura 7L water purifier

Aquaguard Aura water purifiers recognize the significance of copper in water purification. The Active Copper technology provides the goodness of copper in water, while the Mineral Guard technology helps retain essential minerals to enhance the water taste.

The purification process consists of eight stages. The I-Filter removes visible impurities such as dirt, mud, and sand from water.

The Mineral Guard technology retains essential natural minerals like Calcium and Magnesium at Stage 2 of the filtration process.

Stage 3 comprises a Chemi Block to reduce excess chlorine and organic impurities to remove foul odor and improve the taste. The Membrane Life enhancer prevents scaling of dissolved salts on the membrane surface to enhance its lifespan.

The MTDS feature adjusts the water taste, depending on the water source. The RO cartridge ensures the removal of heavy minerals and TDS from water.

Stage 7 comprises UV e-boiling technology to remove bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms from water. Phase 8 is the Active Copper Technology stage that infuses copper ions into the water to enhance its purity.

The advantages of infusing copper are that it supports healthy metabolism and helps provide the body with sufficient energy needed for growth and development. This patented technology subscribes to the age-old Indian practice of using copper vessels to store water.

This water purifier features a 7L water storage tank to cater to the entire family’s requirements. The stylish tap with a metallic finish adds to the grace quotient and makes it one of the most elegant kitchen appliances you have.


  • Uses various water purification technologies to ensure supply of hygienic water for consumption
  • Introduces the goodness of copper and ensures retention of essential minerals
  • Excellent after-sales service available


  • Storage capacity seems to be on the lower side.
  • This RO water purifier still wastes a lot of water.
  • Not recommended for areas where TDS levels are within manageable limits

4. AO Smith Z9 Green RO Water Purifier

AO Smith Z9 Green is a high-quality water purifier that comes with contemporary features to ensure 100% RO purified water while saving twice the amount of water saved by other RO water purifiers.

This appliance features an innovative Advance Recovery Technology to ensure minimal water wastage.

This range of water purifying appliances come equipped with Min-Tech (Mineralizer Technology) to replenish the minerals lost during purification. It ensures that the filtered water has a balanced pH level and tastes good.

The 8-stage purification process is a comprehensive procedure involving a range of innovative technologies to purify water, irrespective of its source.

The pre-filter and the sediment filters comprise the initial two stages to remove all visible and other sediments like dirt, mud, and sand. The Carbon Block filter removes organic impurities to enhance water taste levels.

The ART MAX technology ensures to save maximum water during purification. The patented side-stream RO membrane technology removes heavy minerals and TDS entirely from the source water.

MIN Tech feature ensures replenishment of lost minerals.

Besides, this appliance features ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (SAPC plus SCMT) to ensure that 100% of the water flows through the RO membrane to deliver the highest purity levels.

SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology) is an additional purification stage that prevents secondary microbial contamination post the RO purification stage. This double purification ensures purified and healthy water to meet your family’s requirements.

This water purifier offers the facility to get hot water at 45 degrees and 80 degrees Celsius at the touch of a button.

The Advance Alert feature is an innovative one where the appliance alerts you when the filters need a change. It enables you to remain prepared and ensure that you get pure water at all times.

This appliance features a Night Assist functionality that produces a glow effect to guide you towards the device at night. It enhances the overall aesthetic quotient.


  • High-quality 8-stage water purification technology
  • Aesthetic looking features, especially the Night Assist feature
  • Double purification because of SCMT


  • The water tank starts refilling only when the level reaches 50%.

5. HUL Pureit Copper Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Copper water purifier brings out the health benefits of copper to boost immunity, improve the digestion process, fight obesity, and enhance overall wellbeing.

This water purifier infuses the right amount of copper ions during the final filtration stages to enable users to maximize its benefits.

This water purifier is different from the others as it comes with dual water dispensing feature. You have the choice between RO water and copper-charged RO water.

The Copper Charge technology charges RO water with 99.8% pure copper in real-time. The precise copper dosing ensures that you get the right amount of copper in every glass of water.

The 7-stage purification involves the use of different technologies like RO, UV, and MF. The sediment filters ensure the elimination of visible pollutants like sand and mud.

The ultra-filtration membrane removes microscopic impurities before the RO process takes over.

The RO membrane ensures the elimination of hard metals like arsenic, lead, antimony, etc., and also TDS. This pure water has pH levels of nearly 7, the optimum level. However, the water does not taste good when the pH level is 7. Hence, it requires adding essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to balance the pH levels and taste.

The UV filtration technology ensures to destroy bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Finally, the infusion of copper ions in measured quantities ensures that you get the benefits of copper.

However, if you do not like to have copper in your water, you can exercise the option of receiving pure RO water without copper treatment.

This water purifying appliance has eight liters’ storage capacity to cater to the entire family’s needs. The HUL Pureit Copper water purifier senses and schedules copper auto-cleaning to ensure fresh copper infusion at all times.

As the RO purification process entails water wastage, you can accumulate the wastewater in a separate tank and reuse it to wash utensils and clothes.


  • Boost immunity levels with copper-infused RO water
  • Option to choose between copper-infused and pure RO water
  • The seven-stage water purification process


  • Users have complained of unsatisfactory customer service.
  • Consumables are not covered under warranty.

6. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro 7L water purifier

By now, you know that Reverse Osmosis purification technology removes TDS and heavy metals. But the RO process does not enable retaining minerals like calcium and magnesium in the purified water.

HUL Pureit water purifier comes equipped with mineral enrichment technology that replenishes lost minerals like calcium and magnesium in RO purified water. It also ensures that the minute harmful pollutants are eliminated, thereby providing 100% pure RO water to drink.

The UV purification technology available on this water purifier kills the harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms from RO purified water. Thus, this water is 100% safe for consumption.

This water purifier is made from 100% food-grade plastic that prevents harmful toxins from entering the water at the post-purification stage. The 7L storage capacity should prove adequate for large families.

One of the striking aspects of this product is that it works on energy-saving mode once the tank becomes full. As you use water from the tank, it starts working again to replenish the water you have consumed to keep the storage tank full of pure water all the time.

This energy-efficient water purifier can work without a voltage stabilizer. It can treat multiple sources of water, including municipal water, borewells, and tanker water. Hence, this product has acceptability all over India.


  • Unique water purifying technology that ensures 100% safe drinking water
  • Mineral enrichment feature ensures the supply of essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium
  • Ideal for use throughout India


  • Like all RO water purifier, this product also wastes a lot of water, especially in areas where TDS levels are high.
  • It does not feature any indicator to show water level or whether the filter is working.

7. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight

Eureka Forbes, one of India’s earliest water purifier manufacturers, has introduced this Aquasure Delight model that offers healthy and crystal-clear water in every drop.

This product works on different technologies like RO, UV, and UF to deliver safe drinking water to millions of people. The MTDS feature adjusts the water taste, depending on the water source.

This machine works on a unique 7-stage water purification process comprising of multiple filtration methods. The I-filter caters to large and insoluble impurities like mud and sand particles, whereas the Chemi Block filtration stage reduces chlorine and organic contaminants from source water.

The MTDS feature adjusts the water taste according to the source water. The Reverse Osmosis membrane takes over the primary water filtration procedure to eliminate bacteria, viruses, heavy minerals, pesticides, and TDS.

The Ultrafiltration mode gets rid of the bacteria and viruses that seep through the RO filtration process. The post-filtration carbon cartridge removes the residual organic impurities and enhances the water taste considerably.

Finally, the UV filtration stage ensures that every drop of water coming out of the machine is 100% safe and healthy to consume. This stage kills all the residual bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms in the water to make it safe.

This water purifier’s striking aspect is its long-lasting cartridge that can purify up to 6000 liters of water to ensure a safe water supply for the entire year. The 7L storage tank allows you to get your glass of pure and safe water even when there is no electricity.

This product runs on the energy-saving mode once the storage tank fills to its full capacity. It automatically switches off power. As you remove water from the tank, it switches on to resume working.

Smart LED indicators indicate whether the power supply is available, the machine is functioning, and whether the tank is full. The sleek and compact design takes up minimum kitchen counter space and complements the other kitchen appliances perfectly.

The exciting aspect of this water purifier is that it supports all water types, including hard water.


  • Multiple filtration stages ensure 100% water purity and safety.
  • One of the most user-friendly designs available
  • It does not take more than 15 to 20 minutes to fill the storage tank.


  • Wastage of water is common amongst all RO water purifiers.
  • Some users have complained of installation and after-sales customer service issues.

Water Purifier Buying Guide

In India, Water Purifiers are mainly employed with three purification technologies,  RO (Reverse Osmosis) UV (Ultraviolet Bulb), and UF (Ultra Filtration).

On a simple note, If the TDS Levels in your water source is high, you have to install an RO water purifier. Otherwise, a water purifier with UV UF Combination is good.

What is TDS?

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Salts. You might have noticed that your water is somewhat salty in taste. Sometimes when you boil the water it leaves a white residue.. it happens because of the dissolved salts present in the water.

The water on our planet contains lots of salts and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and many more that are useful for our human body.

But our groundwater and water from rivers and lakes also contain some impurities like Arsenic, Lead, Iron, and mercury that are dangerous for our body. All these impurities in the groundwater are because of industrialization, dumping of wastage in rivers by factories and humans.

What are the Best TDS Levels in Water

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) says that TDS up to 500 mg/liter is acceptable. Anything more than that is not good for direct consumption.

Check out the below table

TDS mg/liter Description
Below 50 Water with TDS levels below 50 is deprived of Minerals and essential salts and is not recommended
50 to 250 It is an acceptable range. If impurities like bacteria and virus are present you can use a UV UF water purifier
250 to 500 The Groundwater in most places in India has this TDS range. You can simply install a UV UF water purifier to remove suspended impurities and bacteria.
Above 500ppm If the TDS Levels are above 500ppm, the water is not acceptable for direct consumption. But you can purify it and adjust the TDS levels by using an RO water purifier.

Most of the RO water purifiers can purify water having TDS levels up to 2000ppm. If the TDS levels are more than that, an RO water purifier is not useful.

So now you know which TDS range in the water is good. But, how do you measure it?

How to find out the TDS levels in Water?

Measuring the TDS levels in water is very simple. You can easily do that by using a TDS meter. A high-Quality TDS meter is priced at around ₹200 only.

You can also take the water sample to a lab and find out the TDS levels and also the salts present in the water. But, it is not required as the cost of the TDS meter is not much you can buy one and easily find out yourself.

If you are living near a factory or a polluted river, it is better to take the water sample to the lab and find out if toxic solids are present in the water.

Here is how to measure the TDS levels in the water using a TDS meter

Just make sure that the water is free from bubbles

Immerse the TDS meter in the water sample and wait for 15 seconds.

Press the Hold button on the TDS meter and take it out from the water and you can view the reading.

Some meters display the x10 symbol which means you have to multiply the reading by 10.

You can buy a TDS meter online at Amazon or in a Medial shop.

Now, you know how to measure the TDS. Let us proceed to know about the difference between water purification technologies.

RO vs UV vs UF

Purification Method RO  UV UF
Require Electricity Yes Yes Not Required
Kills Bacteria and Virus
Can Remove Dissolved Salts (TDS)
Can Remove Suspended Impurities like Mud and dust
Suitable For All Kinds of water sources with TDS ranging from 300 to 2000ppm Low TDS water below 500ppm Low TDS water below 500ppm

Most of the Ro Water Purifier purifiers come with a combination of UV and UF Filters. We will explain why they do this, you will also get to know about important terms like TDS Controller and Mineralizer.

As we have discussed earlier, a UV water purifier can kill bacteria and viruses but it can not remove the suspended or dissolved impurities. So UV water purifiers come with a UF combination also.

Working of UV water Purifier

This is a very simple purification mechanism. When the water passes through the UV Chamber, the UV bulb activates and kills all the germs. electricity is needed to do this.

Working of UF water Purifier

The UF water purifiers don’t require electricity. The Gravity based water filters are based on Ultrafiltration.

The UF filter has a membrane that can trap visible particles like Mud, Dust, and also ultrafine contaminants like bacteria and viruses but this membrane is not capable to separate dissolved salts and impurities.

If the TDS levels in your water source are below 500ppm, You can opt for a water purifier with UV and UF combination. These models can remove all the suspended impurities, bacteria, cysts, and viruses. UV UF models are best suited for Municipality water when the TDS levels in the water source are good.

Working of RO Water Purifier

RO water purifiers are based on the concept of Reverse Osmosis. We do not want to confuse you by explaining the scientific process but we will just explain the working mechanism of the RO water purifier.

The RO Water purifier contains a RO membrane that has millions of small pores through which the dissolved salts cannot pass at all.

When the water with high TDS levels passes through the RO membrane, all the TDS will be eliminated. This Process removes all contaminants and impurities like lead, arsenic, mercury, toxic molecules, cysts, virus, and bacteria.

Other Important things you should know before buying an RO water Purifier

RO water purification will eliminate all the TDS including the good ones and the water will be derived from all the minerals which are not good.

So, how do water purifiers give tasty and safe water with minerals?

There are two mechanisms that water purifiers employ

TDS Controller

This is the most popular method in which some input water will not be passed through the RO membrane and will be diverted directly to UV or UF Chambers. This is done to ensure that the water contains a sufficient quantity of Good Natural minerals like calcium, magnesium, and others.

If you are living near a chemical factory or near a highly polluted river or lake, buy an RO water purifier with Mineralizer. Do not opt for the TDS Controller model as it allows some water directly into the UF or UV Chamber.


RO water purifiers with Mineralizer are also good.

These models allow 100% water through the RO membrane and the required natural minerals will be added at the end of the purification process in an artificial way. This is also good. Different brands use different names for this like Mineral Guard, Mineral Booster, blah blah.

Best Water Purifier Brands in India

Kent, Pureit, Aquaguard, Ao Smith, and Livepure are among the top water purifier brands. Among these, the most popular ones are Kent, Aquagarud, and Pureit. Other brands like Bluestar, Havells, LG, and Faber also manufacture water purifiers.

The service provided by these brands depends on the Local Guys who do the servicing things for these brands and it changes from one place to another.

This is because of operational costs otherwise the price of these simple water purifiers will also be like phones from Apple who provide A-Grade service.

It is better to opt for a brand that provides good service at your location. All the brands have customer care numbers listed on Amazon Product pages. You can also read Google reviews to know about service quality.

Maintenance Cost For Water Purifier

On a simple note, it depends on the TDS levels in your water. If the TDS levels are very high, frequent changes of filters are required otherwise, these filters can easily operate for a Year.

In General, The Maintenace cost for an RO water purifier will be around ₹4000 per year. For UV and UF models, less maintenance is required and it will be around ₹1500 per year.

We hope this Guide answered all your questions. If you have any further questions regarding water purifier selection, post them in the comments section below and we will answer them 🙂

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