Talk of South Indian restaurants and the first things that come to mind are the ubiquitous dosas, Vadas and the unassuming steaming idlis.

They are wonderful to taste and seldom do we leave the restaurant without taking a couple of plates more.

Though these dishes are not expensive, you will be surprised if I tell you that you can have four times the quantity at home for the same amount you spend in the restaurant.

All you need is to invest in the best wet grinder. Almost every South Indian home has one because idlis and dosas are their staple food. They cannot do without this menu.

And believe me, Idlis and dosas prepared at home taste better and healthier than those available in the hotels.

With the consumer market flooded with numerous wet grinders brands, choosing the ideal one can be time-consuming. We shall review some of the best ones for you. The buying guide that follows should help you focus on the critical aspects to watch out for when investing in a wet grinder.

Best Wet Grinders In India

1. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table-Top Wet Grinder, 2L

Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold should be the ideal choice for your kitchen because the 2L capacity should be perfect for an average Indian family. This wet grinder comes with a sturdy ABS body, multi-utility drum, and a 5-year warranty, thereby promising a relaxed mind.

The yABS bod complements the stainless-steel drum perfectly to make your kitchen look brighter and classy. The advantage is that the steel drums are rust-proof and can store your idli batter for extended periods.

The powerful 150W motor keeps the pace steady to enable swift, uniform, and perfect grinding. The steady pace does not heat the batter as it usually gets when you use the conventional mixie.

This Ultra wet grinder features patented conical stones that generate less heat as they grind your batter. As a result, it helps in easy fermentation and enables you to cook fluffy idlis. The dosas turn out crispier, as well.

The grinder comes with a convenient 2L drum that serves the dual purpose of grinding and storage. You do not have to transfer the batter to another utensil, thereby adding to the convenience. The batter remover attachment enables you to remove the batter from the conical stones and facilitate the cleaning process.

You can purchase a couple of additional attachments like a coconut scraper and an atta kneader by paying a few bucks more.

2. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder, 2L – with Coconut scraper attachment

Butterfly is a market leader in wet grinding appliances, especially in the southern peninsular region. This handy kitchen aid has a compact design that does not occupy much space in your kitchen. The ABS plastic body serves as a shock absorber and is heat resistant, as well. It is sturdy enough to protect the motor and holds the cylinder as it rotates at speed.

This appliance comes equipped with cylindrical stones that make the batter softer as they ensure perfect grinding. The powerful 150W is a sturdy one that enables smooth rotation to grind the ingredients into a smooth batter.

The ventilator provided at the top of the appliance helps to regulate the heat. It also comes equipped with overload and overheating protection features.

This machine is one of the easiest to clean and maintain. The white color lends an aesthetic feel to the appliance and makes it stand out among other kitchen devices. The best aspect of this kitchen aid is that the cylinder is light and easy to handle.

You can easily lift the cylinder and pour out the batter. Cleaning the cylinder also becomes easy. The outer ABS plastic is smooth, whereby a simple swipe is enough to clean the flour that drips on the surface accidentally.

The coconut scraper comes as an additional attachment free of charge. You also get a dough kneader along with the package. Thus, you have an excellent combination on hand.

3. Elgi Ultra Dura+ Wet Grinder, 1.25L

This Elgi Ultra Dura+ Wet Grinder is similar to a model we had discussed earlier. However, the difference is in the grinding drum’s capacity. This model has a 1.25L drum that doubles up as a storage vessel. Thus, you do not have to transfer the contents to another vessel for storing.

This stainless-steel drum is rust-resistant and complements the appliance’s ABS plastic body to make it stand out among your other kitchen companions. As this wet grinder has a lower capacity, it can work on an 85W motor. This motor ensures to keep the pace steady, whereby it does not heat the batter.

All Elgi Ultra wet grinders come with unique patented conical stones that facilitate smooth grinding. The best aspect of these stones is that they generate less heat, thereby facilitating the idli batter’s easy fermentation. As a result, you can cook fluffy idlis and have a great time consuming them.

Cleaning the drum and the stones is not an issue because the batter remover option allows easy removal of the ingredients sticking to the stone.

If you are looking for additional accessories like a coconut scraper or an atta kneader, they are available at an additional cost.

4. Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder, 2L


The Butterfly Rhino wet grinder is a sturdy appliance that can cater to all your grinding jobs at home. This appliance comes with a robust ABS plastic body capable of withstanding shocks and is heat resistant. This strong body protects the powerful motor inside the machine and holds the cylinder intact as it rotates.

The stainless-steel drum is detachable. Hence, it is ideal for grinding your batter and storing it as well. The USP of the machine is its lightweight drum that is easy to handle. Besides, cleaning the drum is a simple process.

This wet grinder features cylindrical grinding stones that make it easy for grinding the smooth batter.

The combination of the grey plastic body and the SS drum is a compact one that does not occupy much space. This appliance has an aesthetic presence as it gives an exquisite look to your kitchen.

One of the highlights of this grinder is its motor overload protection feature. It protects the machine from overloading or overheating.

Butterfly offers two additional attachments free of cost in the form of coconut scraper and dough kneader. This kitchen aid is a handy one to have if you want to have delicious idlis and dosas at home.

5. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 07


No review of kitchen appliances is complete without discussing a Prestige product. Prestige is a reputed Indian brand of wet grinders in India. This exquisitely designed wet grinder comes with a sturdy ABS plastic body to house the powerful motor.

The stainless-steel drum used for grinding serves a dual purpose as it is an excellent one for storage. The drum is compact enough to hold up to two liters of batter and fit inside your refrigerator, as well.

This appliance uses high-quality round-shaped grinding stones with specific grooves to help grind the ingredients into a smooth batter. The heavy-duty motor does not heat the batter, whereby it ferments comfortably. Fermentation is essential for your idlis to become fluffy and dosas to turn out crispier.

The free coconut scraper available with this wet grinder allows you to grate your coconuts with ease. Similarly, the dough kneader supplied free of cost help to knead atta for your rotis comfortably.

In short, the Prestige wet grinder is a multi-utility device. It is an indispensable part of every Indian kitchen.

How to choose the ideal wet grinder for your home?

Why should I invest in a wet grinder when the mixie should do the same job much faster for me? It is a valid question to ask.

If you prepare idlis and dosas rarely, you need not invest in a wet grinder. You get readymade dough on the market. Besides, your mixie can also grind the batter for you.

However, if you wish to have these foods regularly, say once a week, it is advisable to have a separate appliance to do the wet grinding for you.

Besides, dough ground in a mixie does not get you fluffy idlis because the mixie can get hot and thus, affect the fermentation process.

On the other hand, the wet grinding machine does not make the dough hot. Therefore, fermentation becomes convenient, so essential for baking fluffy idlis and crispy dosas.

You have an exciting range of wet grinders available on the market. Some of the prominent brands include Butterfly, Prestige, and Elgi Ultra. As all these appliances’ functioning is similar, it can be tricky to choose the right one.

We shall discuss the points you should focus on when selecting the best wet grinder for your kitchen.


Dosa batter is a perishable item. Though you can store batter for two days with proper refrigeration, it can get spoilt. Therefore, it is better to grind the dough according to your requirements.

If you have a family of three to four persons, a 1.5L wet grinder should suffice. If there are more members, you can go for a 2L appliance. Generally, Indian families prefer 2L wet grinders.

Drum Material

Usually, wet grinders come equipped with stainless-steel drums. Some models do provide plastic drums, but they are not as durable as the steel attachments.

The advantage of using steel is that it does not melt if there is overheating. Typically, these kitchen appliances feature detachable drums, whereby you need not transfer the dough into another vessel for storage. These drums can directly be placed inside the refrigerator.

Tilting Drums

The SS drums supplied with the wet grinders have a layer of stone at the bottom. It makes these drums heavy to lift. Many homemakers find it tough to remove these drums and remove the batter.

Hence, some manufacturers have come up with an innovative idea where they provide a tilting drum. This drum is not detachable as you can tilt it to remove the batter. However, such drums can prove challenging to clean.


As the motor rotates, it generates heat. Hence, these appliances require ventilation. A wet grinding job can take around 15 to 20 minutes. It is a good idea to choose a machine that features adequate ventilation.

Some of the wet grinders have vents at the bottom, whereas some have them at the top. Nevertheless, you should ensure there is enough provision for the air to circulate. Otherwise, the heat can get trapped inside the machine and damage the motor.

Grinding Stones

In the conventional wet grinder that your grandmothers used in their times, the bottom portion used to be stationary, and you had to rotate the grinding stone using your hands.

In the mechanized version of the wet grinder, the bottom portion rotates and thereby, rotate the stones along with it. Generally, wet grinders come with two or three stones. They can be cylindrical or conical in shape, depending on the manufacturing design. The conical design is a better option as it enables uniform grinding.

Overload Protection

A wet grinding machine can bear heavy loads. However, it is better to choose an appliance that features overload protection.

This feature will stop the grinding process and will not start unless you reduce the load. It can prove handy as it protects the motor from damage. Though it is not a compulsory feature to insist on, you can check out for it in your favorite brand before purchasing it.


The motor is a crucial component of your wet grinder. A 150 to 200W motor should suffice for a 2L appliance. Smaller machines can work efficiently on a 75 to 100W motor, as well.

Higher the wattage, the better is the grinding performance. However, the more powerful the motor, the more is the power consumption.

Additional Accessories

Every manufacturer does not offer additional accessories for free. For example, Elgi Ultra machines do not come with freebies. You have to pay more to get accessories like coconut scraper and atta kneader.

However, Butterfly devices offer these accessories free of cost. They are handy tools to have because you need to grind coconuts for preparing chutneys.

Other free accessories include measuring cups, batter cleaner, batter remover, timer functions, wooden spatulas, and transparent lids.

Speed Settings

Some of the latest models feature multiple speed settings that allow you to slow down the spinning drum to ensure smooth and uniform grinding. If you are in a hurry, you can always increase the speed and finish the grinding job quickly.

Energy Efficiency

The wet grinding appliances can consume a lot of power. Besides, they run continuously for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. It can affect your electricity bills considerably. Therefore, you should ensure that the machine you choose is an energy-efficient model.

Such machines do not feature BEE Star ratings. However, you can go for the reputed brands. They are the best when it comes to saving power.

Different types of wet grinders

Wet grinding machines are generally available in three types.

Regular Wet Grinder

Such an appliance is usually found in commercial establishments like restaurants, hotels, and catering suppliers because they grind large quantities of dough in a day.

These machines come with powerful motors with a capacity of 750W to 1000W depending on their size. These appliances feature one grinding stone and resemble the traditional grinders that our grandmothers used in their times.

They come equipped with a large drum that rotates at speed. The grinding stone has a steel rod to hold on to the appliance. The drum rotates in a counterclockwise direction with the grinding stone performing the job.

These appliances are heavy and hence, difficult to clean. It is not the ideal machine for a domestic kitchen.

Table-Top Wet Grinders

Among the three types of wet grinding appliances, the table-top machines are the most versatile of all. These devices are smaller and feature two or three grinding stones. Such wet grinders come with capacities ranging from 1.5L to 2L.

Depending on the manufacturing design, they feature conical or cylindrical stones. The grinding drums are detachable and serve a dual purpose of storage, as well. Compared to the other appliances, these machines are the easiest to clean.

Tilting Wet Grinders

Many homemakers find it tough to lift the steel drums filled with batter. Hence, they remove the batter using their hands or special ladles. The tilting drum wet grinder is the best solution.

You can tilt the SS drum and let the batter fall into another container. This appliance saves issues like overflowing of the dough and overheating. You can find such grinders in many homes today.

How to clean a wet grinder?

Cleaning your kitchen companions is essential to ensure hygiene. It also enhances the machine’s durability and efficiency. Wet grinders are comparatively heavier than the mixies. Hence, you can find it a bit challenging to clean them. These following tips should make it easy.

The grinder comes with a holder stick or hooks arrangement that allows you to remove the wet dough’s grinding stones.

You can place the grinding stones directly under a running water tap to clean them thoroughly.

Use a simple brush to remove the batter sticking to the corners and edges of the stainless-steel drum.

Alternatively, you can remove the detachable drum and clean it in the kitchen sink comfortably. It is not possible in the case of tilting wet grinders. You have to clean them using a wet cloth directly.

It is also advisable to clean the motor regularly, using a wet cloth. However, you should ensure to unplug the device from the mains before doing so.

Dust can accumulate on the motor blades and the conveyor belts that connect the motor to the drum. A vacuum cleaner is an ideal machine to use to remove the dust.

How to maintain a wet grinder efficiently?

Regular maintenance of your kitchen aids can help enhance their lifespan and prove their money’s worth. These tips should be ideal to follow to maintain a wet grinder efficiently.

It is better to clean the appliance regularly and maintain an effective maintenance schedule, even if you do not use the machine frequently.

It is essential to keep the stainless-steel drum dry. You can detach the drum and keep it in the inverted position to maintain the dryness.

Before adding the ingredients, you should rotate the grinding stones on the roller to ensure they are assembled properly. However, you should not run the machine when empty as it can damage the rollers.

Add the ingredients in small portions. It is ideal for letting the machine warm up to the task instead of overloading it instantly. As far as possible, you should keep adding water in small quantities to enable smooth rotation.

The wipers should be placed in a direction facing the motor.

It is advisable to check the conveyor belts placed at the bottom portion of the appliance. There can be dust accumulation on these belts to slow down the machine. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust.

It is essential to operate this kitchen appliance on a horizontal platform. Placing it on a sloping or uneven surface can lead to vibrations that could damage the motor.

Keep your children away from the wet grinder. These are heavy equipment. They could accidentally drop the grinding stones on their feet and injure themselves.

One should never try to repair the grinder by themselves unless you are trained for the job. It is advisable to call the authorized service center and let the expert handle the job.

One should always insist on purchasing original spare parts. Though cheap parts may be available on the retail market, they are not advisable to use. They cause more harm than good.

Does this buying guide make it easy for you to choose your ideal wet grinder?

Now, it should not be challenging to order your favorite kitchen appliance online. Have one to adorn your kitchen to enable you to enjoy your sumptuous breakfast comprising of South Indian delicacies, like idlis, vadas, and dosas. These appliances are indispensable to every South Indian kitchen.

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